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“Under The Sun” DVD

Movies // 01


Under the Sun is a documentary film made by the support of Ubiquity Records. Shot in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Australia, it explores the roots of surfing commercialism. Often dark and subversive, this brilliant super 16mm film strikes a compelling story through stunning surfing and...

Enjoy + Korduroy Kollaboration Model

Surf Craft // 107


Limited Edition Enjoy + Korduroy Kollaboration Model made from reused surfboard foam, Entropy Bio Based Resin and an old Patagonia Wetsuit. Strap is fully adjustable to fit your hand. **Price includes shipping**
#1 - Sold!
#2 - Sold!
#3 - Sold!
#4 - Made to order. Estimated delivery...

Solamar bikini top

Apparel // 28


Avoid that uncomfortable bulk of having all those knots and ties under your wetsuit. Seea’s Solamar bikini top frees you from being tied down with its fixed triangle, no-ties halter strap around the neck, and hook closure in the back. Like the laid-back sun-and-sea attitude that defines...

10.0" Crusoe - Blue Tint

Surf Accessories // 41


Blue tint, with a matte finish.
The Crusoe fin has just enough base to hold for noseriding without feeling draggy, and enough rake to still get some drive out of your turns. It's medium flex will give you a little extra speed out of your bottom turn to get you around the section and right into...


Books // 08


Ten years of my travel writing are packed into this 480-page softcover from Peathead Publishing, 35 chapters about 10 of Earth's surfiest zones: the Gaels, Polynesia, Scandinavia, Indian Ocean, Melanesia, Caribbean, Asia, Micronesia, Africa, and Pacific Northwest. "Crossings" contains no frills...

Note Card Pack

Photo // 53


• 8 — 4 x 6″ blank note cards with kraft paper envelopes
• 4 images repeating 2 times
• images: “Pelican, Rincon”, “Skógafoss, Iceland, “Firewater, Baja” and “Surfer, Chile”
• printed in the USA on recycled, heavy 14 pt. matte paper

The Original Tide Shirt // POCKET T

Apparel // 10


The Original Tide Shirt... Flip the hem of your shirt around and.... WHAM!  You got 6 months of tides at your disposal.  Many of our products have the tide chart integrated into them or something else that we feel is in the spirit of this tricky little brain baby.

From Above

Photo // 16


Lem 17" Boardshort

Photo // 115


Named after Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings, a college roommate and lifelong friend of JFK.

Our signature 17" fit is the perfect surfable boardshort that balances style and function

Premium YKK zip fly with custom metal tipped drawstring closure

Zip back pocket with key ring

Yarn dyed blue and...

Ktv TeePee T-Shirt

Apparel //


100% Organic Cotton & Environmentally Friendly Inks

**Price includes shipping

DIY *enjoy Handplane Handle Kit

Photo // 107


Have you been wanting to make your own handplane but couldn't find a good strap? Look no further. Now you can get the same amazing recycled neoprene cover, handmade velcro strap and leash plugs we use on our handplanes for your own. How cool is that?

The Surfcraft Cooperative Handplane

Surf Craft // 46


The Surf Craft Cooperative Handplanes
We build every handplane for optimum performance and durability. High grade paulownia wood is sealed with pine epoxy resin and fixed with a post-consumer, adjustable hand strap. Handplanes can be used in a wide variety of waves and TSC offers three...

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Seea Spring 2013

Seea Spring 2013

The Seea Spring 2013 collection is almost here, and the smokin' Seea babes got together to show it off. This little video by Tiffany Campbell makes us want to go watch Gidget. We interviewed Seea founder Amanda Chinchelli Greer a while...

It's All About The Board

It's All About The Board

It's almost as if Josh Dowling walked out of a time machine originated in 1890--but that's just when the shed he works out of was built. From there, he's doing things the old-fashioned way, making custom surfboards one at a time and he's turning...

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06/08/2012 Where would you most like to live?

05/18/2012 What's the worst invention in surfing?

  1. Motorized Surfboards (WaveJet) 13% 13%
  2. Stand Up Paddleboards 11% 11%
  3. The 9 to 5 Work Week 11% 11%
  4. Hollywood Surf Films 11% 11%
  5. Localism 10% 10%
  6. Crowds 10% 10%
  7. The Leash 9% 9%
  8. Breakwaters 7% 7%
  9. Energy Drinks 7% 7%
  10. Claiming Waves 6% 6%

or to vote

04/19/2012 What is the best country to enjoy the outdoors in?

04/10/2012 What's the best meal after a session?

04/03/2012 What constitutes surfing style?

  1. Flow 14% 14%
  2. Grace under pressure 12% 12%
  3. Soul 11% 11%
  4. Effortlessness 11% 11%
  5. Surfing with a smile on your face 9% 9%
  6. Self-expression 9% 9%
  7. Respect for ocean & fellow surfers 9% 9%
  8. No stink bug stance 8% 8%
  9. A quite body 6% 6%
  10. Gun slinger's calm 6% 6%

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02/28/2012 Why Do You Paddle Out?

  1. I'm addicted 14% 14%
  2. It's my therapy & it keeps me sane 14% 14%
  3. It's my spiritual connection 12% 12%
  4. To feel more alive 11% 11%
  5. Always a new experience 10% 10%
  6. To escape 10% 10%
  7. It's better than the gym 8% 8%
  8. Because I can 8% 8%
  9. To feel like a kid again 5% 5%
  10. Because it's cool 3% 3%

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02/20/2012 What is the scariest wave on the planet?

  1. Teahupo'o, TAHITI 16% 16%
  2. Mavericks, CA 13% 13%
  3. Shipsterns Bluff, AUS 12% 12%
  4. Pe'ahi (Jaws), HI 11% 11%
  5. Cortes Bank, CA 9% 9%
  6. Pipeline, HI 8% 8%
  7. Cyclops, AUS 7% 7%
  8. Ghost Trees, CA 7% 7%
  9. Malibu, CA 7% 7%
  10. Ours, AUS 5% 5%

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