Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton

director & photographer

The son of professors, Cyrus skipped college to pursue an early career of professional surfing. At 20, an injury placed him on the other side of the lens making his first surf film Riding Waves. Since he's won an Emmy Award, directed commercials and traveled the world sharing laughs with people from all walks of life. The sum of these experiences have taught him that wealth is nothing more than time and health. Now 29 years old, Cyrus resides in Encinitas, California where he founded Korduroy TV three years ago. His days are filled with curating content on Korduroy, directing tv and web commercials and getting his hands dirty in his backyard with the rest of the Korduroy crew.


Work Includes:

2003 - "Riding Waves"

2005 - "Tsunami Relief Story" for Fuel TV - winner of EMMY award

2008 - "Under the Sun" starring Dave Rastovich, Nat Young and Rabbit Bartholomew

2009 - "Tom's Creation Plantation" starring Tom and Jon Wegener, Richard Kenvin and Ryan Burch

2010"Stoked and Broke" starring Cyrus Sutton, Ryan Burch, Richard Kenvin, Lucas Dirske, Kneeboard Steve, Glen & Roberta Horn and San Diego