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2012-12-05 15:23

EuskoSare means “Basque Network”. It is a venture that promotes the growth of the Global Basque Community by increasing communication and cooperation amongst all the Basques in the world, their friends and their organizations, through the Internet and outside it.

Hemen hasten da Sarea

EuskoSare’s online communities, contents, services and programs are developed and administrated collaboratively by Basques all over the world.

It is the open, decentralized, horizontal and plural network, of all Basques at the service of all Basques, based on the spirit of cooperation and on the conviction that the combination of efforts and an effective articulation of collaborative actions around the world contain an enormous potential that exceeds the possibilities of the individual members of the network

We believe that the increase of cultural, educational, social and economic exchanges through a rich interweaving of personal and institutional relationships around the world will favor the development and growth of Euskal Herria and all the countries in which Basques reside.

EuskoSare is the project of Eusko Ikaskuntza – Basque Studies Society through its organization: the Euskomedia Foundation.

This project has been set out respecting the paramount objectives of the Eusko Ikaskuntza Basque Studies Society and is accompanied by the infrastructure and technological knowledge the Basque Studies Society has at its disposition to ensure its success.


ENE SARIA awards V edition

In this ENE Prize V. edition will be awarded the work done on behalf of Basque by each Basque Center, regardless of size, throughout the year.