The Bengoechea Family

The Ikastola is wonderful! I have had my two kids here for the last five years and it’s been great for them to learn Euskera! The skills that prepare them for Kindergarten are expected and achieved by every child. It’s been a great experience!”

The Coleman Family

Boiseko Ikastola is a fantastic place. I feel so comfortable when I drop my daughter off that she is in loving, warm hands. She has learned so much it’s amazing!”

The Yraguen Family

The Ikastola is more than a preschool to me, it is family. I am a new mom to all the preschool stuff and the moment I stepped into the Ikastola, I felt that I was at home. I am very involved in education as well as giving my children the opportunity to develop their social skills, confidence, respect and knowledge of different cultures. The Ikastola has surpassed these goals in just under a year and I could not be happier. I can’t wait for the many years ahead for my family at the Ikastola!”

The Sabala Family

We love Boiseko Ikastola because it’s our family! What an incredible opportunity to include the Basque language, incredible teachers and wonderful new friends into our child’s life. We are so proud of our Basque heritage and where we come from and want to pass it onto the next generations. We love the Ikastola and everything it represents!”

The Baker Family

The warm nurturing environment that is so loving and affectionate has truly helped our son grow as an individual with a boosted self-esteem. The one-on-one time given to our son is unattainable anywhere else and the teachers and staff really truly get to know each child and their personalities as well as their learning tendancies…it becomes like family.

The Anderson Family

Our family is not of Basque heritage, but we have felt “adopted” by the Basque people and culture represented at the Ikastola and here in Boise. We are truly grateful for the wonderful experience Boiseko Ikastola has given our son. The teachers were genuinely excited to see our son’s language acquisition, and felt as much pride in his growth as did his Mom & Dad. It is so apparent now that our son is in his elementary years, that the exposure of a second language has propelled his development and learning.