Director - Zuzendaria

Mara Davis


Mara is a Boise native with a strong Basque heritage and family roots from Berriatua. She has three children, all of whom have gone through Boiseko Ikastola. She began studying Euskera two years ago, with a goal of one day becoming fluent.  Many hours at BSU and an online course, she is on her way towards that goal.  Mara has a BA from BSU and has completed numerous early education training courses including “Tearless Discipline”, “Focus on the Family”, “F.A.T. (Frustration, Anxiety & Tension)”, “Speech Development”, “Autism Spectrum Disorders”, “Appetites & Mealtimes” as well as training sessions for CPR, First Aid and Recognition and Response to Seizures and Seizure Disorders in early childhood through the Epilepsy Foundation.  She been dedicated to the Ikastola for 6 years October 2012.  With the help of  the Basque Museum  and the community, she is constantly helping the Ikastola advance it’s missions and goals including successful fundraising activities, noticeable presence at International Museum Day and San Inazio & Jaialdi Festivals, as well as the addition of curriculum building programs such as Musical Kids.  Mara’s long term goals are to return to school and continue to enjoy the amazing world of teaching children.





Teacher - Irakaslea

Irune Sanchez


Irune is from Bizkaia and holds a degree in Special Education.  Her studies include Primary and Secondary Ed as well as Social Education.  Irune’s teaching experience spans from various camp instructors to counselor to Primary and Special Education substitute teaching.  She has volunteered in Gorabide, an association in the Basque Country for disabled people as well as a Basque dance instructor for children 6-11.  Irune has travelled to London and Cuba to expand her English as well as completed government work with hyperactive students.  Her experiences led her to the Ikastola as primary teacher in 2008 and returns for the  2012-1213 school year.