Featured Book
The Basque Nation On-Screen: Cinema, Nationalism, and Political Violence, by Santiago de Pablo William A. Douglass Distinguished Scholar Series No. 2

The Center for Basque Studies is proud to announce the publication of Santiago de Pablo’s book, The Basque Nation On-Screen: Cinema, Nationalism, and Political Violence. Santiago de Pablo was a William A. Douglass Distinguished scholar at the Center in 2009 – 2010. The Basque Nation On-Screen looks at the role of film as historical witness, its influence on society, and its ability to help forge a collective memory. The Basque Country is an interesting case study in terms of exploring the complex relationships among films, society, nationalism, and political violence, which de Pablo analyzes in this work. This book examines the historical relationship between films and Basque nationalism from a twofold perspective: the use of cinematic productions by Basque nationalism as a means of inculcating national identity and ideology, and the depiction of Basque nationalism –and especially the ETA terrorism– in films. Cinema provides new analytical perspectives of the history of Basque nationalism and has contributed to the strengthening of Basque national identity, to shaping its collective store of ideas, and to fostering a historical memory of an unmistakably nationalist stripe.