Castillo Suarez, Leire Bilbao and Itxaro Borda in Dublin

2013-03-01The three Basque poets Castillo Suarez, Leire Bilbao and Itxaro Borda participated at the presentation of the Forked Tongues Anthology in Dublin. This Anthology includes some poems written by the Basque poets and some works of Miren Agur Meabe.

Suarez, Olaziregi, Bilbao y Borda ayer en Dublín

Suarez, Olaziregi, Bilbao and Borda in Dublín


The Basque short films Tour “Laburbira” in London and Paris

2013-02-28  The Laburbira tour organised by Topagunea Euskara Elkarteen Federazioa, celebrates this year their 10th edition. During these ten years, they have organized hundreds of screenings in the Basque Country and in many other places.

Imagen: Topagunea

Image: Topagunea


Basque cinema in the Guadaljara Internacional Film Festival

2013-02-28 The Guadalajara International Film Festival is a festival held in the Mexican city of Guadalajara from the 1s tto the 9th of May.The festival is considered the most prestigious film festival in Latin America and it is a showcase for new works from Mexican and international independent filmmakers.

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Basque and Cuban children will record a movie

2013-02-27 Students from 10 schools in the Basque Country have twinned with students from other schools in Cuba, with the aim of creating a common project and to experience other cultures.

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Alex De La Iglesia awarded at the Malaga Film Festival

2013-02-26 The Málaga Film Festival (FMCE)  is an annual film festival that this year will be held from the 20th to the 27th of April in Málaga, Spain. In this edition, the cinematographic career of Alex De la Iglesia will be awarded.