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A unique publication

The Álbum gráfico descriptivo del país vascongado. Años 1914-1915. Tomo de Guipúzcoa was a compilation of the territory's situation in 1915, presenting various social, economic and cultural aspects. The copiously illustrated text, which deals in turn with each of the centres of population which at that time made up Gipuzkoa, reviews its history, art and geography, and also describes its economic situation in that period.

To quote Rafael Picavea, the Album's editor, this work was "an essential teaching manual about the lands' art, geography and history", from which "it wasn't possible to leave out the pages on the lands' economic life". To achieve this aim he used short pieces of text interspersed with a wealth of illustrations because "Photogravure has become as important as the printed word". Thus, he brings together in the same work major writers (Txomin Agirre, Pío Baroja ...) who contribute literary pieces or articles devoted to some aspect of life in the Territory (education, industry, institutions ...); and photographers (Ojanguren, Jorajuria... ) who travel the length and breadth of Gipuzkoa capturing with their cameras different aspects of its physiognomy.

Nor is the work devoid of a quasi-commercial slant, with articles on some of Gipuzkoa's major companies, while the final pages are taken up by advertisements placed by establishments of all kinds. In spite of the different advertisers' financial support, however, the monies raised were not enough to meet the publishing costs and the album devoted to Bizkaia never made it to press.

The list of contents which we present below is in two parts: municipalities and texts. In the first of these, the original way the toponyms were written is retained to allow one to access the article in question, while the official name (given between brackets) enables one to access the municipality's entry in the Auñamendi Encyclopaedia. In the second part, the author's name links to his or her entry in Auñamendi whilst the title will take one to the article in the Álbum gráfico descriptivo del país vascongado.