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Remembering Manuel Irujo


Navarrese nationalist politician, born in Estella (25 September 1891). The son of attorney Daniel Irujo and Urra, professor of Deusto and advance of nationalism Aranista in Navarra. He studied high school in the Jesuit College of Orduña and Philosophy and Law in Deusto. He doctorated at Salamanca.

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Jour "Manuel de Irujo Gogoratuz"


This video documentary runs for 21 minutes the life of the Navarrese politician who came to hold the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice in the Government of the Second Republic and developed a tremendous work on behalf of human rights, both before the war and in times from his long exile. A great opportunity to remember the most personal and intimate side of which was called the "Navarrese lion".

Documentary Funds

Eusko Ikaskuntza, as depositary of Manuel Irujo personal files, has completed the first phase of digitization of his fund through the Foundation Euskomedia. Currently they are available to researchers more than 20,000 pages in 4380 documents.