The Basque Association

of Language Industries

What is Langune?

LANGUNE is an association of Basque Country companies belonging to the Language Industry sector. This association was set up in 2010 and brings together over 35 companies in the spheres of translation, content, teaching and language technologies. Read more.


"Let’s talk about multilingualism!"

@Langune is planning to attend the conference: "Let’s talk about multilingualism!", by Language Rich Europe, on 5 march in Brussels


Asmoz Fundazioa: Welcome to the Human Rights web site

This page is a Human Rights site at which Treaties and other basic instruments of great importance can be consulted

Language Technology

@IxaGroup at the kick-off meeting of the LoCloud project

Ixa Group is one of the 32 partners in the consortium of the LoCloud (Local content in a Europeana cloud) Project that was presented on 19-20 March, at the National Archives of Norway in Oslo. The meeting gathered 32 partners from 28 different countries to present, plan and discuss the activities of the project over the next three years


Mondragon Lingua expands into the US with the opening of a new subsidiary in Washington, D.C., Mondragon Lingua USA, Inc.

HAMISI AMANI-DOVE, an American professional with extensive experience in the marketing of corporate communication projects, will be at the helm of this new subsidiary.


UNAIDS' preferred terminology translated into Basque by UZEI

UZEI has published a glossary containing most of the terms and commonly used expressions recommended by UNAIDS in its Terminology guidelines, which are reviewed on a regular basis


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