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2013-05-11 04:00

The global Basque community is composed of approximately 3 million Basques that live on Basque soil and several million Basques and descendants of Basques that live in countries all over the world, especially in the American continent – also known as the Basque diaspora.

The diaspora is organized in communities around more than 200 institutions most of which are called Basque organizations – predominantly established in the South America and in he United States- Thus; the global Basque community congregates diverse local communities within itself.

There are also millions of descendants of Basques in the world that are not actively involved in the local institutions of the diaspora but are part of the global Basque community and can participate in it via the online communities and other links through the net.

EuskoSare is dedicated to all these people, with the aim that all the Basques in the world find their own space - in their own way – in this network created by them and for them.


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