CBS Teaches Campers about Basque Culture!

The Center for Basque Studies recently visited the Nevada State 4H camp in South Lake Tahoe to teach campers about Basque culture. The Center’s Publication crew taught campers about Herri Kirolak (Basque Rural Sports) and played the traditional sporting games giza-abere probak (dragging games), makil tira (stick pulling), and oilar jokoa (the chicken game) with campers. To read the full article, click here.


The Center for Basque Studies welcomes the Delegate of Euskadi to the United States, Ander Caballero

To read about the event, click here.


Linguae Vasconum Primitiae: The First Fruits of the Basque Language

The Center for Basque Studies book, Linguae Vasconum Primitiae: The First Fruits of the Basque Language, 1545, made a splash in the Basque Country this week! Linguae Vasconum Primitiae, by Bernard Etxepare, was the first book written in Basque. The Center for Basque Studies publication of Etxepare’s seminal text features the original Basque alongside an English translation. Linguae Vasconum Primitiae is the eighth book in the Center’s Basque Classics Series which is dedicated to the translation of key texts and authors in the cultural development of the Basque Country. To learn more about the book and to read some of the Spanish and Basque reviews, click here.


Across America on the 'Easy Chair'

Iker Saitua, a Ph.D. student at the Center for Basque Studies, recently published his article, “After the Sheep Rush: Looking for Basque-American Remnants from the ‘Easy Chair,’” with the Elko Daily Press. “After the Sheep Rush” chronicles Iker’s solo travel adventure across the United States where he followed in the footsteps of thousands of Basque immigrants. In December 2012, Iker boarded a one-way flight to New York City where he visited Ellis Island and the New York Basque Club in Brooklyn before riding the rails westward. His journey took him to Chicago and across Colorado, Utah, and finally into Nevada. Iker’s last stop before Reno was Elko, Nevada where Basque traditions are still very much alive. Basque surnames, restaurants, and the town’s pilota court made a fitting end to Iker’s travels. To read the full story go to and to see more photos from Iker’s trip, click here.

The Center for Basque Studies is an international study center dedicated to research into and publishing on Basque topics. In addition to our research mission, we provide basic Basque language instruction, give undergraduate and graduate classes on many Basque topics, host international scholars and conferences, promote research, offer a Ph.D. and an undergraduate minor, and publish a wide variety of books.

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