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Content Syndication

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an automatic system for sending news from a website, helping you keep constantly up to date on all the material posted on The only technology needed is an RSS reader or aggregator program.

What can EuskalEtxeak offer you?

Thanks to RSS channels, you can receive updates in real time (as soon as they are posted), or use them to update your personal website:

The reader program automatically connects to without having to open a browser, finds the latest news and displays a list of links with their headlines.

You can click on any headline that interests you, opening in the normal way (with a browser) to see the entire arti

How do I register?

The first step is to choose the best RSS reader for your needs. There are many on the market, most of them free and easily installed. Here are a few examples:

Microsoft Windows

Mac Os



You’ll find more readers on Google.

Some browsers, such as Firefox and  Opera also receive RSS (Firefox calls them Live Bookmarks, while Opera calls them Feeds).

There are other online options such as (RSS in Basque), Bloglines, MyFeedster, MyYahoo. In order to receive headlines at these sites, you simply set up a free account at the site instead of downloading a program to your computer.

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