On this page you will find a variety of resources on the Internet about Basque topics. The Center for Basque Studies is not responsible for the content of the majority of pages listed here and, as with everything on the Internet, it is your responsibility to independently assess and verify the information presented, but we hope this will be a valuable starting point for your foray into a wide variety of topics of interest to the Basques. If you would like to suggest a page for inclusion here, please contact us through our “Contact Us” page

Basque Cuisine
Official site of internationally acclaimed Basque chef Karlos Arguiñano. Includes recipes. (Spanish)
Basque Politics/Nationalism
The Nationalism Project: A collection of resources related to the study of nationalism. (English)
The Basque Branch: Genealogical services specializing in Basque ancestry
Jai Alai
Dania Jai-Alai: Contains extensive information about the Basque sport of jai-alai. (English)
Euskara Typeface: A place to learn about unique Basque fonts, and purchase them for your computer. (French, English)
Basque Explorer: Information on tourism, culture, and economy of the French Basque region. (French, English)
Basque Clubs and Societies
Basque Dance
  • Zenbat Gara is a Basque-American Folk Dance Ensemble dedicated to increasing the awareness of the diversity and richness of Basque traditional dance. The group was founded in 1989 at the University of Nevada, Reno and is currently in residence at the Center for Basque Studies. The Zenbat Gara web site has more information about the group’s activities, which include dance research and creation of traditional costumes.
  • The Cyber Dantza site was developed by Lisa Corcostegui, Ph.D. student at the Center for Basque Studies, as an Internet resource for Basque dance. It includes historical information on many dances, plus photos of traditional costumes created by the Zenbat Gara Dance Ensemble. Ms. Corcostegui's dissertation research focuses on dance performances in the towns of Oñati, Gipuzkoa and in Boise, Idaho. You can view photos and information online from her Europe fieldwork of Summer 2001.
  • Dantzaldizkaria is an educational internet publication created by Lisa Corcostegui for Basque-American dancers. The site features articles, frequently asked questions, and news releases relating to Basque dance. Readers are encouraged to send in their dance-related questions. There are about thirty Basque clubs that comprise North American Basque Organizations, Inc., and most of these have their own dance group to learn and perform Basque dance.
Basque Gifts/Shopping
  • Etcheverry Basque Imports: Clothing, jewelry, ceramics, music, and more from a longstanding family business in California, formerly Odette's Basque Imports. (English)
  • Basque Market: Jewelry, food items, flags, clocks, and other items from a Napa, California family business. (English)
  • Ahizpak: Jewelry, Illustration, photography, design, fine art, and gifts (English)
Basque Government Agencies
  • Eusko Jaurlaritza: Official page of the Basque Government (Basque Autonomous Community). Includes information on the region, tourism, government, economics, language, and more. (English)
  • Eustat: Basque statistics compiled by an autonomous office of the Basque Government, including population and language usage statistics. (Basque, Spanish, English)
  • Emakunde - Basque Women's Institute: Works toward gender equality in the Basque Country. (Basque, Spanish, French, English)
  • Diputación Foral de Alava - Arabako Foru Aldundia: Official site of the provincial government of Alava / Araba. (Spanish, Basque)
  • Diputación Foral de Bizkaia - Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia: Official site of the provincial government of Bizkaia (Vizcaya). (Basque, Spanish, English)
  • Gipuzkoa Institucional: Official site of the provincial government of Gipuzkoa. (Basque, Spanish)
  • Comunidad Foral de Navarra: Official site of the autonomous government of Navarra. (Spanish)
  • City of Bilbao: Official site of the city of Bilbao; includes tourist information. (Basque, Spanish, English)
  • Donostia / San Sebastián Town Hall: Official city site; includes tourism information. (Basque, Spanish, English)
  • Pamplona City Council: Official site of the city of Pamplona, Navarra; also tourist information. (Basque, Spanish, English)
Basque Information and Culture
  • The Buber Page: Outstanding effort by Blas Uberuaga! General information on the Basques, language, culture. (English)
  • EuskalKultura: Site for all things Basque, in English, Basque, and Spanish
  • Official page of the Basque Government (Basque Autonomous Community). Information on the region, tourism, government, economics, etc. (Basque, Spanish, English, French, German)
Basque Oral History/History
Basque Oral History/History
Media: Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio