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NABO is a federation of Basque organizations--thus we do not have individual people as members but clubs, educational organizations, etc.  It is always gratifying to see new members joining up with our NABO federation, because it shows that new communities are forming institutions to gather Basques & their friends together.  Furthermore, it also shows that there is an ongoing willingness on the part of Basque organizations to work together to promote Basque culture.  We'd like to have your group with us!

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NABO membership dues

Cost | Benefit analysis
As a federation, N.A.B.O. incurs annual expenses.  A portion of this cost is covered by membership dues.  They are:
__Payment of annual dues that are $100 per organization, and $1 per individual member
__Those wanting to participate in Pelota events, it is an additional annual $100
__What you get in return varies depending on your organizations emphasis, but in general you gain access to N.A.B.O. youth & educational, mus, pilota, dance, music, cultural programs.  To find out more about what is offered, click

To join N.A.B.O.
a federation of Basque organizations that aims to preserve and promote Basque culture (thus our federation does not accept individual people as a member).  For your organization to become a member of NABO it requires:

Part I. Specific to NABO
__Letter of introduction: your organization aims to promote Basque culture
__Submitting the completed general information form Requested NABO member data
__Evidence of being an officially recognized non-profit organization
__Preferred that someone from your club/organization be present at the meeting when you present your request.
>Mail or email this material to our NABO President

Part II. Specific to the Basque Government
__Must register with the Basque Autonomous Government of Euskadi (Consists of filling out the your club name, mailing address, board of directors).  For this portion you should contact the Basque Government directly for the latest requirements at: AndoniMartin@ej-gv.es