Ongi Etorri (Welcome)

Sheepherders Ball - Saturday, December 21st
The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means that Sheepherders Ball is almost here! Sheepherder's Ball began as a way for Basque sheepherders to socialize indoors after spending a long summer in the high country with their sheep herds.  The tradition continues today with a traditional Basque dinner, music, a live auction and dancing.  Each year at Sheepherder's Ball, the Oinkari first-year dancers (the "New Kids" make their debut as full members of the group.

This year's celebration is on Saturday, December 21st, after the women's baleen final game at the Fronton. Entertainment will begin upstairs at 7:30 PM. Oinkari will perform at 8:00 PM, followed by the lamb auction which raises funds for the Basque charities account. The dance, featuring Amuma Says No, will begin at 9:30 PM.   Join us!

Our Mission
Through the art of traditional Basque dance, we, the Oinkari Basque Dancers of Boise, Idaho, share our culture with our local and global community while continuing to preserve our unique heritage for future generations.