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This advisory committee is to offer assistance to Basque organizations that are seeking to adopt/redefine/inaugurate a signature community ritual event fusing traditional Basque attributes with local characteristics and context.

"Hobeto badakit, hobeto egin dezaket."
"If I know better, I can do better." ~Gloria Lejardi

Bri-co-lage. –noun, [bree-kuh-lah-zhiz].  A construction made of whatever materials are at hand; something created from a variety of available things.

Objective:  this advisory committee aims to offer advice to those interested in doing something with dance? something with music? something with the arts? etc. to create a unique Basque community event.


This group of advisors aims to provide the means to follow through on what Gloria Lejardi said: "If I know better, then I can do better."  Each volunteer advisor has particular expertise and all are accomplished visionaries.  This group can be a sounding-board for those communities that are interested in developing something as a signature community ritual event fusing traditional Basque attributes with local characteristics and context.
Juan Antonio Urbeltz. URBELTZ, Juan Antonio (Donostia, Gipuzkoa)
>Argia dantza taldea
Antonio has played a leading role in the world of Basque dance and culture for a generation; J.A. URBELTZ
ARAOLAZA, Oier (Eibar, Bizkaia)
>Dantzan.com webmaster
>Kezka dantza taldea
>Arrate dantza taldea
Oier presented the concept of Bricolage and laid out some parameters at our 2011 Spring Dance Leaders' Summit 
ARREGI, Iñaki (Andoain, Gipuzkoa)
>Argia dantza taldea
>Arrate dantza taldea
Iñaki for years has worked with Basque dance providing numerous workshops & direction for many groups.
CORCOSTEGUI, Lisa, Ph.D. (Reno, Nevada)
>Dantzaraik.net webmaster
>Zenbat Gara Dance Group
>Arrate dantza taldea
Lisa's has worked extensively through all facets of Basque dance, including her work on this for here doctorate.
FAUCHER, W. Thomas (Boise, Idaho)
>Roman Catholic Priest
>Pastor: St Mary's Parish
>Liturgical expert
Fr. Tom has earlier provided guidance for liturgical dance and its proper place and context in church events.

IGOA, Pierre (Bakersfield, California)
>Graphic artist
>Basque musician
>Basque artist
Pierre has worked with various facets of Basque arts including painting, and is accomplished in playing trumpet.

LARREA, Jexux (Donostia, Gipuzkoa)
>Argia dantza taldea
>Arrate dantza taldea
Jexux has traveled here to provide workshops as well teaching at NABO's Udaleku.

A SIGNATURE EVENT FOR YOUR BASQUE COMMUNITY.  Perhaps your Basque community is considering developing a unique ritual, something that will meld elements of Basque tradition with local characteristics or features, that will serve as a signature event.  This committee can serve as a resource in helping to develop something distinctive.

What is ritual?  Rituals can aid in creating a firm sense of group identity.

Ritual is making the invisible visible.

"Rituals give access to emotional states that resist expression in language, which is why they have become so desired and yet distrusted in our logo-centric culture.  The repetition of everyday gestures within the confines of a special place and time rouses emotional responses.  In that emotional evocation lies the work of the ritual.  To share in a ritual means to live a moment of emotion not of thoughts."  ~Edward Muir

"Celebrating something shared:  shared past, shared present, shared aspirations.  Society needs more sharing to counter the ache at its center." ~Gregg Easterbrook

"A ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value, usually prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community that excludes actions which are arbitrarily chosen by the performers.  ~Wikipedia

Some Euskadi examples of what is being talked about:

Eibar, Bizkaia:  Arrate Ezpata Dantza
Video: http://www.dantzan.com/bideoak/ezpalak-2006-arrateko-ezpata-dantza-eibar

Iruña (Pamplona):  San Fermin Aldapakoaren Ezpata Dantza
Video:  http://www.dantzan.com/bideoak/san-fermin-aldapakoaren-ezpata-dantza-2010

Some American examples of what is being talked about:

Boise, ID:  St. Ignatius Mass
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-fumKoiV5w

Chino, CA:  Besta Berri Celebration
Video from Heleta: http://www.dantzan.com/bideoak/heleta-besta-berri-2007

American Jazz (Brubeck) melded with Morris Dance:  Youtube.com/watch?v=PnZZlEEyJ8c

Potential creation:  A soka-dantza or some sort of ritual for NABO officers and delegates to be performed at the annual Convention.