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IKASTAROAK: N.A.B.O. dance workshops

NABO continues to support efforts to provide periodic workshops for the re/learning of Basque folk dances for instructors and advanced dancers.  The aim is twofold:  providing new resources and continued enthusiasm for keeping Basque dance going strong.

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Upcoming workshops:


2012 Summer Aurresku (Bizkaia)

2012 Xiberoa

Previous workshops:

2011 Spring

 Dance Leaders' Summit 

2010 Fall


2009 Fall

Baztango Dantzak

2009 Winter


2008 Summer



Because of limits of how long people can take off from work to be here with us (they come with their transport paid and then the host club takes care of room and board--there is no fee paid to them but you can always decide to give them a gift if you'd like) we have to always arrange how best to spread this talent around.  When we started with the Gipuzkoa workshop, southern California and Nevada were left out; next Idaho missed a round on the Baztan workshop, etc. 

Again, we hope that each host organization opens up the workshop to all who are interested from other towns.  These workshops are generally aimed for dance groups instructors and more advanced dancers.

This is made possible by a collaboration between
NABO & the Basque Government of Euskadi.