Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate


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GUREA: "It is Ours"

NABO's GUREA ("It's Ours") Basque Cultural Literacy Project is aimed at developing and implementing some effective methods to sustain Basque culture and identity: something that all of our organizations have a shared interest in developing.

Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate


Educational Workshops

Legacy Initiative

Entertainment Tours
Basque Bricolage



Erantzun behar duguna:
1:  "Gurea zer da?"
2:  "Hori nahi dut?"


Major issues to address:
1: "What is ours?"
2: "Do I want it?"


Kulturak biririk iraun dezan, belaunaldiz belaunadi igorri behar da. Hau bideratzeko modurik topatu ezean, kultura sakabanatu eta desagertu egingo da. “Gurea” izeneko Euskal kultura alfabetatze proiektuaren helburua da euskaltasuna (euskal kultura eta nortasuna) garatzeko eta handitzeko bide eragingarriak sortzea.

“Ez daukazunetik ezin duzu eman”. Gutako askok gazteei euskalduntasuna (euskal kultura eta nortasuna) eman nahi diegu daukaguna eta inportantetzat jotzen duguna haiekin banatu nahi dugulako. Gurea da euskal kulturari lotzen gaituena. Arazoa da gutako askok (mesedez ez hartu hau pertsonalki) ez daukagula euskal kulturaren ezagutza sakonik. Hauxe da arazoa eta konponbidea: Gehiago ikasi behar dugu irakatsi ahal izateko. Euskal kultur alfabetatze proiektu honekin konprometitzen bagara, aukera handiagoa egongo da euskal kulturak irauteko eta baita loratzeko ere.

Ospatu + Hezitu = Betikotu

Bidali zure iradokizunak info@nabasque.org -era.  

For a culture to survive it must be transmitted from generation to generation.  If effective means of doing this are not found, then a culture dissipates and soon disappears. The GUREA ("It's Ours") Basque Cultural Literacy Project is aimed at developing and implementing some effective methods to sustain "Basqueness:" Basque culture and identity.

"You cannot give what you do not have."  Many of us want to give to younger generations a sense of Basqueness (Basque culture & identity) because we want to share what we have and what we have appreciated.  What we have in relation to Basque culture we'll refer to as GUREA: "That which is ours."  The problem--and don't take this personal--is that many of us don't have much depth or breadth of knowledge about Basqueness.  This is the proposed definition of the problem and solution: we have to learn (ikasi) more to be able to teach (irakatsi) more.  If we commit ourselves to this Basque Cultural Literacy Project, we stand a better chance of seeing Basqueness not only endure but flourish. 

Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate

Send your comments to info@nabasque.org


NABO's "Gurea Entertainment" and "Gurea Educational" are efforts to address the needs of clubs just like yours. We are fortunate to count on the support of the Basque Government to pay for the flights which is always the biggest hurdle. With their ongoing support, we hope to continue these annual programs: entertainment and educational.

The tours rotate because we try to keep this moving around to try and touch as many communities as we can based on 1) the time that our guests have to travel here and 2) the number of clubs that step up and host. So while it might not be possible to have something every year, perhaps every other year we can help to arrange something for member organizations somewhere nearby, because that's the purpose of NABO: to help clubs help themselves to keep Basqueness alive.

Do I want it [Gurea]?  Hori nahi dut?  


Continuity Challenge


This is made possible by a collaboration between
N.A.B.O. & the Basque Government of Euskadi.

Kultura sortu eta zabaldu