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The BASQUE GOVERNMENT of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Euskadi)
Directorate for Citizens and the Basque Communities Abroad

The Basque Government of Euskadi (the union of Araba, Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa) has made a concentrated effort to reach out and assist Diaspora Basques with various programs.  Follow these links > > >

Marian Elorza, New Secretary General of External Affairs

Click here for all contacts in the Directorate for Citizens and the Basque Communities Abroad

Basque country's 3 political administrative entities
Basque Government NYC Delegation
Basque Govt. monthly news announcements
Basques in the Media   Basque Photo Archive  
Photo Exhibits
Cultural tour grants   EuskalEtxeak.net website
BG programs (in Englush)
Cultural tours (Basq. Govt.)
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Celaya editorial


Basque Government website: www.euskadi.net
Euskal Etxeak magazine subscribe at
Basque News (in English)
The Basque Country: Insight into its culture, history, society and institutions (pdf)
Basque Country Official Bulletin: www.euskadi.net/cgi-bin_k54



2013 grants
Basque club grants

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Grant receipts due

2012 Sept.
Gaztemundu 2012

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Cultural tour grants

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Financial aid for needy

Paid Internships in Euskadi

Andres Irujo prize

Master Degree scholarship program

World Basque Congresses

Cell phone Basque-English dictionary

Zer Nahia: What does the Basque Government want of Basque clubs?

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Euskal Gizatalde Harremanetarako Zuzendaritza
Directorate for Relations with Basque Communities

Presidency of the Basque Government
C/ Navarra, 2
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Euskadi SPAIN
Phone: 34/945 01 81 21
Fax 34/945 01 81 58



Delegation of the Basque Country in the United States of America:

820 2nd Avenue
New York, 10017 (USA)
Tel.: (+1) 646 368 6040
E-mail: usa@ej-gv.es


Euskadi.net - acceso a la página principal Visit the Basque Government's website at www.euskadi.net

Lehendakaritza:  Basque Government Executive facility in Vitoria-Gasteiz

2011 total: 177 Basque clubs in 24 countries