Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate


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JOSTA:  N.A.B.O. "Gurea" Entertainment Tours

Whereas member organizations can petition the Basque Government directly for tour options, N.A.B.O. helps to coordinate an annual centralized entertainer tour, that helps to bring a new dynamic into our Basque community.

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OBJECTIVES.  The objectives of this project are threefold:  to 1) help animate our Basque community with something out-of-the-ordinary; 2) showcase some of the new Basque artists and their works; 3) get our area clubs/organizations working together on some joint events and 4) facilitate the hosting of NABO events. 

HOSTING / COST REQUIREMENTS.  A grant from the Basque Government pays for the travel expenses.  Your club, meanwhile, would cover room and board while they are with you (either a hotel room or staying with a family). 

OVERVIEW.  This is an effort to address the needs of our member organizations. We are fortunate to count on the support of the Basque Government to pay for the flights which is always the biggest hurdle. With their ongoing support, and the generosity of host clubs, we hope to continue these annual tours.

For Basque culture to endure we'll need to find a viable balance between the fun of being Basque (e.g., festivals) and knowing something more about what being Basque is about.  That is why N.A.B.O. is following the motto Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate

N.A.B.O. has developed the GUREA Cultural Literacy program.  Gurea is Basque for "it's ours." 

This program aims to
develop and implement some effective methods to sustain "Basqueness:" Basque culture and identity--something that all of our Basque organizations have a shared interest in developing.   It's two major components, in conjunction with the Basque Government, are the Educational Workshops and Entertainment Tours.

The tours rotate because we try to keep this moving around to try and touch as many communities as we can based on 1) the time that our guests have to travel here and 2) the number of clubs that step up and host.  So while it might not be possible to have something every year, perhaps every other year we can help to arrange something for member organizations somewhere nearby, because that's the purpose of N.A.B.O.:  to help clubs help themselves to keep Basqueness alive.

Potential future tour:  Fall 2013

Thierry Biscary, Jamixel Bereau & Xan Errotabehere
This trio from the Iparralde have hit upon a unique format of music & song.  KA comes from the sound of the Txalaparta, LA is from the sound of voices, and KAN is the sound of drums.

Promotional videoclip: www.youtube.com
Website: www.kalakan.fr 
Previous tours
NOKA 2012 Tour

Summer 2011: Urko "Menaia-Bidaia" Tour

< < In Dec. 2007 Ion Garmendia & Inaki Plaza toured three Basque communities in the Boise area, Chino & Washington D.C.  To read more click on Txalaparta Tour

This is made possible by a collaboration between
N.A.B.O. & the Basque Government of Euskadi.

>> Juan Mari Beltran & his band performed in three communities.  Click on Beltran tour

<< The group Kukai has been here twice with two different shows, including Kupeletan Erronka & 1937.  The latest profiled the story of the exiled Basque children during the Spanish Civil War. 


>>  Mikel Urdangarin and his group was also here in the US performing in San Francisco & Reno.


<< The Basque hard-rock bands Berri Txarrak & Betagarri. The NABO sponsoring organizations were SF Anaitasuna Basque Club, BEO, Reno Basque Club & Boise’s Euzkaldunak.

>> Previously Kepa Junkera performed in several Basque communities.

<< The group Alboka featuring Joxan Goikoetxea & Alan Griffin has made two trips here already to perform in concert.