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12/1/2013: 8HZ RADIO Show

Hosts: Benoit Etcheverry (left), Robert Acheritogaray & Adélaide Daraspe

8 Herrialdeak ZUZENEAN

Sunday - 11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific Time (8:00pm - 9:30pm Basque Country Time - CET).

The Basque Diaspora monthly radio show, 8 Herria Zuzenean (8 Provinces Live) will air on the first Sunday of the month at

11:00am PT (8:00pm CET - Central European Time). The show is hosted by Benoit Etcheverry along with BCC member Robert

Acheritogaray & Adélaide Daraspe, and will be broadcast in Euskara, French, Spanish and English. The show will cover

happenings at the Basque centers around the world and events in the Basque Country. You can listen on Euskal Irratiak:

Listen Live on: http://euskalirratiak.info/

Click the play button in the upper right hand corner next to "Entzun Irratia Zuzenean."

Other sites that have the show:


To call into the show from the US : 011 33 5 59 59 60 30
To send us an e-mail : irratia@8probintziak.com

To follow on Facebook - check the 8HZ fan page at "8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean - 8HZ."

To listen to past shows, check: http://8probintziak.com/medias/8hz-radio/

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