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Welcome to Blas' Page

by Blas Pedro Uberuaga

Blas at the top of Mount Oiz in Bizkaia

Who is this Blas guy?

    Well, let's try to figure it out. Let's look at my name...

      Blas comes from an old Roman family name (most things Roman are old, aren't they?), Blassus, which means deformed, stuttering.

      Pedro comes from a Greek translation of the Aramaic name Cephas, the name Jesus gave to Peter when He called him the foundation and rock of the Church.

      Uberuaga is a Basque surname. It can be broken down into Ur (water) Bero (hot) and Aga (place of) or hotsprings.

    So we have Blas Pedro Uberuaga...a deformed and stuttering rock from the hotsprings. Yep, that's me. :)

Stuff about Blas...

    For those of you who wander into this page and wonder what the hell am I doing, spending all of this time to create this monster page on the Basque Country and her people, I have a short autobiography, slightly out-dated.


    In 2000, I finished my PhD with Hannes Jonsson at the University of Washington Chemistry Department. After that, I did a postdoc with Art Voter at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I'm now a staff member at Los Alamos. Some of the work I've done during my career is described on my research page, though it is horribly out of date.

My Friends!

    Friends make life worth living, right? And who a person's friends are tell you a lot about him or her. So, here are my friends, at least the ones that have web pages. At least, I call them friend... Hopefully, they call me friend too. :)

    Some friends had web pages, but currently don't. But, I thought I'd mention them anyways:

      Hans Vija   ·   Brett Schroeder   ·   Steve Konsek   ·   Jeni Johnson   ·   Leith Allen   ·   Grace Siswanto

Various Writings...

    I'm putting some writings of mine on here as well. Most of them are papers I've written for various classes. While they expressed my thoughts at the time, my views and opinions have changed, sometimes significantly, since writing these papers, so they do not necessarily express my current beliefs. But, I thought they might be interesting for some people. And, as a friend said, there is some amount of ego involved in putting them on the web for all to see as well.

    I'm also putting some fiction writings I've done in conjuction with a friend. We have had some thoughts on writing a fantasy novel based on our old role-playing experiences. At this point, we've only gotten some rough draft summary stories that detail some background. I'd really appreciate hearing any critique from anyone who reads these.

    These can be found here.


Books I've Read Recently...

    One of my favorite pasttimes is reading. While I don't get the chance to read as much as I used to, I still greatly enjoy it. I've created a list of the books I've read recently, including some brief comments on some of them.

Of course, don't forget to visit my main page. From there you can see some stats about my pages (yeah, I know, real exciting...). You can also find my Basque pages, where I have collected a great deal of information about the Basques (you don't know who or what the Basques are? Then get your butt over to my Basque pages!).

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