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Digital Urazandi

The Digital Urazandi Project is an initiative of the Directorate of Relations with Basque Communities of the Basque Government. Its main purpose is to compile as many issues as possible of the different Basque magazines and periodical publications that were produced mostly in America, from the XIX century on. This complements the collection of books Urazandi , that gathers the history of the Basque Clubs.

The first product of the project has been published as “Urazandi Digital #1” containing 12 DVDs under the title of “Hemeroteca de la Diáspora Vasca (01):  prensa Americana y de otros países”. More than 200.000 pages taken from 130 Basque magazines published in the period 1878-2006 in 30 different countries (most of them American, but also European and African) have been digitalized: Urazandi digital pdf 59,82 Kb

The content of this program is accessible from here.

Urazandi Digital

Following it has been included a sample of the digitalized materials: 

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