Singing Basque songs in Mountain Home

2014-01-31 The members of North American Basque Organization Maria Fernandez, Itxaso Cayero and Izaskun Kortazar, attended the annual Basque celebration in Mountain Home (Idaho). They sang the typical Basque songs in an excellent friendly atmosphere. They traduced some of the lyrics to the assistants, so they could understand the meaning of the songs. They all had a really emotional experience.



“Colores del sur” by Enrike Solinis album of the month in Toccata magazine

2014-01-28 “Colores del sur” by Enrike Solinis & Euskal Barrokensemble has been chosen Album of the Month by the german music magazine Toccata. This work is based on southern barroque music and it is performed by the Basque guitar player and some of the musicians of Euskal Barrokensemble, created by him in 2006.

colores del sur


Presentation of the Galician translation of “Pasaia Blues” in Galicia

2014-01-24 The novel “Pasaia Blues” written by Harkaitz Cano has been translated into Galician language. It will be presented in Galicia on 5, 6 and 7 of February. The book has been translated by the writer Isaac Xubín and published by Hugin e Munin. With this latest version, the novel is available in four languages: Basque, Spanish, German and Galician.

pasaia blues

Warm reception for Iban Zaldua in Frankfurt and Marburg

2014.01.23 Basque writer Iban Zaldua has been to Frankfurt and Marburg (Germany) this week, with the support of the Etxepare Basque Institute, in order to deliver several lectures about his last essay ”Ese idioma raro y poderoso” (Lengua de Trapo, 2013) . The Göethe Universität Frankfurt am Main  and Phillips-Universität Marburg  beccame the meeting-point both for students and for people interested in the subject. Besides, the Marburg students gave the writer a surprise: they translated one of his tales, and they read it for him.

Iban Zaldua and a group of students in Marburg

Iban Zaldua and a group of students in Marburg


Carlos Gil at dance and theater festivals in Chile

2014-01-21 Carlos Gil, expert in Basque performing arts  is taking part at Festival Internacional de Teatro Santiago a Mil and Festival Cielos del Infinito, both in Chile. This participation is promoted by Etxepare Basque Institute in order to establish new contacts and  projects for Basque artists, in its effort to spread Basque culture worldwide.

Festival cielos del infinito

Santiago a mil