Grupo Popular Vizcaino - Carrón Galende, Carmen

Carrón Galende, Carmen

Electoral Candidacy: PARTIDO POPULAR (PP)

Constituency: Bilbao

Representative Group: Grupo Popular Vizcaino (GPV/BTP)

Photograph of representative

IX Term of Office

Position in the term of office:

  • Start Date: 06/13/2011

Position in Groups of Representatives:

  • Group: Grupo Popular Vizcaino. From 06/21/2011

Position on the Board:

Position in the Spokespersons' Assembly:

Position in the Committees:

  • Committee: - Second Secretary. From 06/13/2011
  • Committee: Institutional - Vice Chairman. From 10/03/2011
  • Committee: Regulation and Government - Second Secretary. From 07/12/2011
  • Committee: Permanent Board - Second Secretary. From 06/26/2012
  • Committee: Contracting Board - Second Secretary. From 12/22/2011

    Replaces: Olazabal Estecha,Carlos María