How to set up a cooperative

This process has been designed by Elkar-Lan S.Coop. This second-degree Cooperative is formed by Konfekoop, the CSCE-EKGK and Erkide. Its aim and purpose is to promote cooperative enterprises, and consequently, the creation of cooperative jobs and economic and social development.

 This guide is just one of the tools it has produced for this purpose, and is designed to facilitate the process for setting up Cooperatives. In the interests of greater understanding and support when setting up a cooperative, Elkar-Lan S.Coop. offers the following services free of charge:


  • Guidance and advice on any business project which someone may want to carry out under the cooperative corporate configuration
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Cooperative training
  • Customised and professional assistance provided for the promoters of cooperative projects until the latter start functioning
  • Information about assistance and grants.
  • Constitution of cooperatives.
  • Coaching / monitoring during the first year as from the moment the organisation is constituted as a cooperative.

Bai Euskarari