Boiseko Ikastola

Boiseko Ikastola is a quality preschool providing a wide range of classes and experiences as a means to prepare students for Kindergarten and beyond.  It is the only Basque preschool outside of the Basque Country, but not all children attending are of Basque heritage.  The school is open to children of all ethnic backgrounds.

Learning about cultural diversity at a young age gives children a more global perspective while fostering respect and knowledge of other cultures. 

Boiseko Ikastola utilizes a well-rounded curriculum taught by experienced faculty, as well as exposure to art, music, yoga, and dance through hands-on experiences.  Our program encourages development of:

  • critical thinking and socialization skills
  • fine motor and pre-reading skills

The Ikastola maintains a commitment to small class sizes, ensuring that all members of our learning community come to know one another.  Ikastola incorporates the Basque language Euskara as the language spoken in our total-immersion program.  Bilingual children are shown to develop cognitively much earlier resulting in better comprehension and a greater ability to focus.

In 2010 we served 19 children with an average attendance of 20 children per academic year since the school began operating in 1998

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the school, please contact:

Mara Davis
Boiseko Ikastola Director
(208) 343-4234