Grade 10

In June of 2005, the Department of Education conducted an education mission to the Basque Country. The purpose of the mission was to acquaint the delegation of Idaho teachers with the culture and history of the Basque Country and to reinforce the linkages that continue to connect families and communities in the Basque Country to the State of Idaho. The theme of the mission was “Preserving Culture and Building Community: The Basque Experience.”

Among the final products of this mission are several lesson plans from the areas of language arts and social studies featuring Basque-themed elements and topics.

English: Passing Down Tradition: Basque Food and Culture

Jon Zubizarreta
Instructional Objectives(s):

  • Research and present information in a power point
  • Understand the concepts of hope and the passing of family tradition
  • Write a personal narrative
  • Write for purpose and audience
  • Write in order to generate, record, and reflect upon ideas
  • Apply the six traits of effective writing: ideas, voice, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions

U.S. History I: Symbols of Courage at Home and Abroad

Cindy Wilson
Instructional Objectives:

  • Relate the meaning of the value Courage to the American Founders.
  • Identify important symbols of liberty during the Revolution, particularly the Liberty Bell.
  • Identify an important symbol of liberty to the Basque people.
  • Interpret modern examples of courage and reassess their definition of courage.
  • Apply an understanding of courage to their own lives and actions.