Grade 8

In June of 2005, the Department of Education conducted an education mission to the Basque Country. The purpose of the mission was to acquaint the delegation of Idaho teachers with the culture and history of the Basque Country and to reinforce the linkages that continue to connect families and communities in the Basque Country to the State of Idaho. The theme of the mission was “Preserving Culture and Building Community: The Basque Experience.”

Among the final products of this mission are several lesson plans from the areas of language arts and social studies featuring Basque-themed elements and topics.

Social Science Exploratory: Preserving the Basque Culture Through a Nurturing Attitude

Nick Smith
The students will:

  • Read about and discuss the lives and contributions of three of Idaho’s most important and influential Basque cultural figures
  • Learn and recite Basque parts of speech, words, and phrases used in ever day life
  • Listen and learn to recognize the unique musical style of traditional Basque music
  • Watch and learn some of the different Basque dances practiced and performed by the Oinkari Basque Dancers

Language Arts: The Hedgehog Awoke: Two Writers breathe life back into Euskera (the Basque language)

Deb Straiton
Instructional Objectives:

  • Understand the literary terms: figurative language, simile, metaphor, extended metaphor, and theme
  • Read actively (Teacher Handouts #1 and #2)
  • Recognize details that reflect the author’s Basque heritage, traditions, attitudes and beliefs
  • Locate examples of figurative language in the text
  • Consider how similes, metaphors and extended metaphors are used to reveal the writer’s theme of hope