Language Classes

The Basque Museum and Cultural Center offers multiple options for learning Euskara, the Basque language.

Basque Classes - Children & Adult

Children's Classes - Boiseko Ikastola, our Basque language preschool, holds Euskara classes for children on Tuesday evenings 6-6:45pm, prior to Euzkaldunak's Boiseko Gazteak Basque dance practice.  Classes begin in October and continue through March.  Cost is $50 per child for both semesters or $30 per semester.  Please contact Mara, Director of Boiseko Ikastola for more information or to sign your child up! 208.343.4234 or

Adult Classes - Traditional classes for adults are held every Monday and Thursday (depending on level) September through May with a break in December.  Beginner and Advanced classes are held on Mondays 6-8pm and Intermediate classes Thursdays 7-9pm.  An interactive curriculum as well as passionate teachers can help those interested in learning or continuing with just a unique language.  The lasses are open to all who desire to study Euskara, the Basque language.  Cost is $65 per semester for members and $80 per semester for non-members.  Enrollment is usually only the first 3 weeks of September and January for each semester.  If you are interested in enrolling, please contact the Basque Museum & Cultural Center for more information at 208.343.2671 or

For more information on Adult Language Classes, visit the links below:

Beginner Euskara

Intermediate Euskara

Advanced Euskara



This is an Internet based study program. It is designed to guide students in the study of Euskara from the most elementary level to a high level of proficiency. In addition, students will gain significant knowledge of Basque culture and geography. Its easy to use format makes it a very enjoyable and easy way to learn Basque. The only requirements are that they have access to the Internet, have a PC (will not function on a Mac) and want to learn!