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Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture
Links & Resources

Below is a directory of websites and other informational about Basque culture and the Basque experience in Idaho and Oregon.

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Basque History and Education

Basque Education Organization - San Francisco
The BEO is an non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, that depends on fundraising efforts and tax-deductible donations from supporters to fund its activities.

Basque Museum and Cultural Center
The Basque Museum & Cultural Center provides a look into the Basque heritage by exhibits, collections, and tours. As a cultural center, it's a gathering place for events and educational opportunities - in which people of all backgrounds can participate in Basque activities.

Basque Studies at Boise State
The Basque Studies Program at Boise State University is a multi-disciplinary course of advanced study that involves all aspects of the language, culture and history of the Basque people.

Center for Basque Studies and Univ of Nevada, Reno
The mission of the Center for Basque Studies is to further Basque-related study by conducting, facilitating, and disseminating original Basque-related research in the humanities and social sciences, in cooperation with appropriate academic departments at UNR, as well as at other American and foreign universities, by the creation of undergraduate and graduate curricula at the University of Nevada, Reno (including the creation of distance education courses) and by collaboration with the University Studies Abroad Consortium to provide a quality educational experience for students desirous of studying and living in the Basque Country of Europe.

Idaho Basque Clubs

Euskal Lagunak - Mountain Home, Idaho
The Mountain Home Basque Association, now Euskal Lagunak, was formed following the first annual Basque Festa held January 30, 1960 at the American Legion Hall for the purpose of raising funds for charity.

Euzkaldunak, Inc - Boise, Idaho
Euzkaldunak, Inc. helps maintain the Basque heritage by helping to support Basque dancing, events and gatherings. They have events such as San Inazio festival in July, Mortzillak Dinner in November and the Sheepherders Ball in December. Gatherings include monthly dinners that run from August through May. Euzkaldunak has a large hall both upstairs and downstairs that is used for these events and is also available for rental.

Gooding Basque Association - Gooding, Idaho
The goals of the Gooding Basque Association is to promote the Basque cultural through food, dance, language and a variety of other activities. The Center boasts a nicely appointed 6400 square foot building available to rent for those special occasions.

Txoko Ona - Homedale, Idaho
Txoko Ona Basque Club functions as a social organization to preserve, promote and enhance the Basque culture, language and history and to maintain and promote cultural, social and economic ties with the Basque Country, its people, history, language and culture.

Oregon Basque Clubs

Ontario Basque Club - Ontario, Oregon
The Ontario Basque Club began in 1947 as a Basque Lady's Club and in 1994 allowed men to join in preserving Basque Culture in Oregon. They recently remodeled part of the old Ontario train depot to use as their own clubhouse.

Music and Dance Groups

Biotzetik Basque Choir
The Biotzetik Basque Choir now has about fifty-five members. Though we come in all shapes and sizes, stripes and shades, we are all dedicated to the choir’s two main principles: singing in Basque and having fun!

Boiseko Gazteak Dance Group - Boise, Idaho
Boiseko Gazteak continues the unique Basque culture through dance through the Basque children of the Treasure Valley area. Wouldn't Jay Hormaechea and Jimmy Jausoro be pleased to see how strong the program continues to be in 2007?

Oinkari Basque Dancers - Boise, Idaho
Oinkari Basque Dancers have been striving to promote and preserve a unique heritage that is Basque since its inception in 1960. They have succeeded in doing so for nearly 50 years! Currently with more than 70 dancers, The Oinkari Basque Dancers perform for groups, tours, and parties all around the world!

Txantxangorriak - Boise, Idaho
Txantxangorriak is open to all ages (8 and over) and teaches the triki trixa (accordion) and the pandareta (tambourine).

Supporting Organizations

NABO - North American Basque Organization
A federation of organizations to sustain Basque Culture.
"Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira"
(Because they were, we are, and because we are, they will be)

State of Idaho Basque License Plate
The Basque license plate honors Idaho's Basque heritage and raise funds for the Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture and is available at county auto licensing offices throughout Idaho. The plate features a camp/sheep wagon. The Cenarrusa Foundation receives $25 for each new plate and $15 from each annual Basque license plate renewal. Click here to order online.

Event Sites

Jaialdi International Basque Festival - Boise, Id
Euzkaldunak, Boise's Basque Organization, invites everyone to celebrate the Basque culture's festival spirit. Jaialdi (meaning "Big Festival") takes place only every five years. Share in the fun customs characteristic of the Basque people. Lively music, quick-footed dancing, spirited handball exhibitions and strength lifting, flavorful foods, along with presentation on Basque history.

San Inazio - Boise, Idaho
The San Inazio Festival is an annual event to honor St. Ignatius of Loyola, the patron saint of the Basques.

Udaleku - Children's Summer Camp
Udaleku is a summer camp aimed at children ages 10 -15 years. The objective is to teach the children about their Basque Heritage and Culture through music, games, dance and food while meeting other Basques children from around the United States.

Other sites of Interest

Basque Autonomous Government of Euskadi
Site for the Autonomous Goverment of Euskadi in English, Spanish, Basque, French, and German.

Basque Heritage
A website on Basque and Basque-American Culture.

Euskal Cultura
Spanish version of Basque Heritage. Basque Diaspora news and information.

EuskoSare is a project of Eusko Ikaskuntza - The Basque Studies Society, developed through its Euskomedia Foundation.
A site for Basques to Network with other Basques all over the world.


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