International Performers

Trust us: There’s nothing quite like the entertainment at Jaialdi. This Jaialdi, we’ll be joined by amazing artists from Euskadi who blend the best of ancient Basque culture and modern-day sensibilities.


Irrintzi Erraldoi Konpartsa Kultur Elkartea
This cultural nonprofit group brings Basque mythological and historical figures to life with larger-than-life “giants.” This troupe will be visiting Boise from Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa. Read more about them here.



For nearly 20 years, Luhartz has been entertaining audiences in the Basque Country with dance music. Since 2002, when the band made its first trip to the United States, Basque-American fans have joined in the fun. Luhartz will be visiting Jaialdi from the band’s hometown of Durango, Bizkaia. Read more about Luhartz here.



Ortzadar is a dance group from Pamplona in Navarra. You can read more about them here (website is in Spanish and Euskera).



The Crazy Wheels Band
The Crazy Wheels band offers a Basque take on classic American rock and roots music. The band members will be visiting the United States from their hometown in Soraluze, Gipuzkoa. Hear their music and read more about them here.


Bertsolaris sing bertso, a form of improvised rhyming singing. Two performers, Xabi Paya and Nerea Ibarzabal Salegi, will perform at Jaialdi 2015.


• Nerea Ibarzabal Salegi is a 20-year-old journalism student who lives in Bilbao. She began singing bertsos at 8 and has been performing ever since; she also acts as an organizer at the Bertsolari Championship of Biscay.

• Xabi Paya is also scheduled to perform at Jaialdi 2015. Xabi is a translator, improviser, musician, and researcher who holds several degrees in communications, culture, and Basque Studies. He is a former lecturer at universities in England, France, and the Basque Country, and is fluent in Basque, Spanish, English, and French — he even speaks a little Arabic and German. A screenwriter and media collaborator, he recently published “Anthology of Basque Oral Literature” in three languages. He has also translated “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Life is a Dream” into Basque. This is Xabi’s second visit to Jaialdi; he participated in Jaialdi 2010.