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May 2011 Newsletter!

The May 2011 Newsletter is now online, after a delay related to my general inability to keep things updated.  Inside, you’ll find a list of events we are working on, including an introductory Euskara class and a Basque movie night.

Also, there is a brief report on the recent elections in Spain and, in particular, the Basque Country.  A new party, Bildu, did very well.  What that means for the future of the region is unclear, but it does suggest directions will change.

A PDF of the newsletter can be found here.

As always, many thanks (mik esker!) to Lisa Van De Graaff for putting this together!

February 2011 Newsletter!

The February 2011 Newsletter is now online!  In addition to the standard offerings of Heraldry, Buber-tik, and Basque News, information about upcoming events and our membership drive are inside. Take a look and let us know what you think!

A PDF of the newsletter can be found here.  Thanks to Lisa Van De Graaff for her efforts in putting it together!

May 2010 Newsletter Online!

The May 2010 NMEE Newsletter is now online!

Thank you so much to the following contributors:

  • Sonia Ulibarri of www.icefaerie.com and Karen Squires The Spanish Table
    (www.spanishtable.com) for their financial support of our newsletter.
  • Mat Perez-Dornaletxe and Tricia Erazo Penn for reviving the Member Portrait
  • Lou and Ginger Ollivier for hosting the Second Annual Mus Potluck this
    coming weekend.
  • The Basque Museum and Cultural Center (http://www.basquemuseum.com/) for
    letting us reprint their Ellis Island information.
  • Chef Emily Swantner (www.epicureanodyssey.com) for the fun cooking class
    and tasty recipe.
  • Spanish Trails International (www.shieldsofarms.com) for their continuing
    Heraldry contribution.
  • Blas Uberuaga for his continuing Buber-tik contribution and the Basque
    Legend information.
  • The Tapas Committee (Lorin Abbey, David Abbey, Sherry Morrison, Isaac
    Rivera, Karen Squires, Blas Uberuaga, and Lisa Van De Graaff) for putting
    your hearts into another great event this year.
  • Tricia Erazo Penn for single-handedly distributing this newsletter.

What a great team we are!

Lisa Van De Graaff
Co-Editor of the NMEE Newsletter