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Mus Tournament Champions

Mus players are winding down after another fun and exciting season. We have already completed Euzkaldunak's annual eight-king tournament and several NABO mus tournaments. All the tournaments have been a huge success and we are excited to send many local teams to the national tournament in May. This year the National Mus Tournament will be held in Homedale. Zorionak to the following champions and the runner-ups. Good luck at Nationals!

Euzkaldunak Eight-King Tournament
Champions - Juan Egana and Manuel Madariaga (Jose Mari Artiach acted as a sub for Manuel)
2nd Place - Tony Larrocea and Joe Zabala (John Lejardi acted as a sub for Joe)

Homedale NABO Tournament
Champions - Ben Goitiandia and Jacinto Mallea
2nd Place - Javier Arrieta and Joe Eguren

Mountain Home NABO Tournament
Champions - Javier Arrieta and Joe Eguren
2nd Place - Juan Egana and Fulgencio Legarreta

Santa Rosa NABO Tournament
Champions – Martin Bilbao and Tyler Smith
2nd Place – John Krakau and Elias Eiguren

Basque Museum NABO Tournament
Champions – Francisco Crespo and Martin Elexburu
2nd Place – Joe Luzar and Anastacio Fernandez

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