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Odyssey of a Ship with Three Names, by Renato Barahona

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The Hammer of Witches, by Begoña Echeverria

The Hammer of Witches fictionally recreates the incredible story of the Basque Witch persecution of 1610. Based on real events, in which 6 Basques from the village of Zugarramurdi, Navarre were burned at the stake on November 10, 1610, author Begoña Echeverria casts a spell over the reader through the stories of the parish priest Salvador Zabaleta, the mysterious exile Sabine Elizalde, and courageous and inquisitive Maria of the house of Gurrutxetegia, who desires above all to improve her station in life through learning. Against the backdrop of these terrible events, a story of love, heartbreak, sacrifice, courage, and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of all odds is told.

The author will be signing books at the Chino Basque Picnic in Chino, California on August 31, 2014. Please stop by and say "Kaixo!" And click here to read an excerpt from the book. And here to learn more about the Basque witch trials.