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Following a Basque tradition, the Madrid Euskal Etxea choir sung St Ageda in the Spanish capital city


The Madrid Euskal Etxea choir and friends sung on February 4th the traditional St Ageda song through the streets surrounding the Basque headquarters in the Spanish capital city.

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Hegoak ebaki banizkio... the Chicago Children's Choir singing Txoria Txori, one of the nicests Basque songs


The videos shows this American choir singing Txoria Txori, one of the most beautuful and universal Basque songs last January 30th, 2016 at the World Music Festival at the Athenaeum Theater in Chicago. Beautiful song, perfect pronunciation... nobody would say they are not Basque!

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Video of Kinku Zinkunegi and Enrique Poittevin talking about Basques and learning the Basque language


Fron January 24th to this next weekend a group of students/teachers of the Euskara Munduan program implemented by HABE, FIVU, FEVA and the local Basque clubs are taking part in Montevideo, Uruguay in a 'barnetegi' (type of boarding school) to improve their level of Basque. The president of FIVU (Federation of Basque Clubs in Uruguay) Enrique Poittevin and the HABE Institute technitian and coordinator of the Euskara Munduan program KInku Zinkunegi went to the headquarters of the daily paper El Observador to promote it. See the video.



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What would have happened with the Basque language being predominant in Venezuela and the Americas?


Let's play, what would have happened with the Basque language being historically predominant in Venezuela and the Americas? The question and answer come in this video made in Venezuela, at Catia TVe, including a young Simon Bolivar.

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Sheepherder's Memories: Testimonies of Basque immigrants in the American West


Presented by the Basque Educational Organization (BEO) based in San Francisco (California), "Sheepherder's Memories" is a documentary recorded by Juan Jayo and Jean-Paul Barthe (1h 08 '08 "), produced in its original form in 2000 and adapted to the digital format by Jean-Paul Barthe in 2015. It collects the testimonies of the following persons who emigrated to the United States to start their American life as shepherds: Elu Louis, Charles Moustirats, Angel Arriada, Dominique Etcheverry, Julian Aramburu, Jean Gorostiague, Jean-Pierre Etchemendibehere, Pedro Salaburu, Pierre Ausquy, Jean Laxague, Jean-Baptiste Urruty, Emile Goyhenetche and Leon Franchisteguy. All interviews are in English, conducted by Juan Jayo, Nicole Sorhondo, Tony Laxague and Jean-Paul Barthe. Many of the photos and images have been  provided by Aña Iriartborde; and bertsoa by Johnny Curutchet.

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Bartender Luis Zabalegui and his 40 years behind the bar at Reno's Louis' Basque Corner


Luis Zabalegui is celebrating 40 years behind the bar, serving Basque picons as just he knows how to prepare at Louis' Basque Corner in downtown Reno. This is the way KTVN Channel 2 Reno Tahoe TV paid homage to the popular Basque guy, born in Navarre married into the local Basque community and proud father of two. Zorionak, Luis!

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Kick off in Biarritz of the "Soka" exhibit on Basque dance, with the idea of bringing it to the Diaspora


"Soka, euskal dantzaren urratsetan" (Soka, behind the steps of Basque dance) is the name of the exhibit de dicated to Basque old and new dance that will be inaugurated today in Biarritz. After a itineration it will recah Donostia in February 2016, as a part of the program of Donostia, European Capital of Culture 2016. Details in It's a iniciative of Euskal Kultur Erakundea (Centre Culturel Basque) working together with Donostia 2016 and the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, supported also by the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Provincial Government of Bizkaia.

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Txupinazo or Kick off for the Bilbao Aste Nagusia festivals 2015: espectacular images in 360 degrees


Doy you want to see from wherever you are, feeling you are right here in the Basque Country, the Bilbao City Festivals --Aste Nagusia-- 2015 that kicked off last Saturday? We provide you the opportunity to taste espectacular images 360 degrees. Use your mouse to move the image (using the circle at the left top of the screen) Ongi pasa! (enjoy!)

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Basque trio Kalakan singing with Madonna in San Jose, CA a beautiful Zuberoan song


This is a video of one of the concerts of Madonna's 2012 world tour with Basque trio Kalakan, in San Jose, CA. The song is a Zuberoan Basque song written by traditional singer and composer Etxahun Iruri, about Death: "Hori bera da denen ixtoria / herioak bardintzen handi ttipiak / zeren ilüsione bat bera da / lürraren gaineko gure pasajea" (It’s the same story for all, big or small, all are equal when facing death, because our passing on earth, is just an illusion).

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Video of the concert that Kepa Junkera offered from Bilbao via internet as a kick off for the Jaialdi week


Kepa Junkera Jaialdi Live Full concert. Full video (49' 26") of the concert that Basque accordeonist Kepa Junkera offered on July 28 from Bilbao thru internet as a kick off for the Jaialdi week from the highest building in Bilbao, Iberdrola Tower. The concert was followed from the Boise Basque Block at a giant screen. At the beginning of the video, a salutation by the new elected mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto.

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