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Do you want to learn Basque in Europe? Here is a list of Basque clubs who are starting classes now


Basque teachers at European Basque clubs at their annual meeting in 2014, held in Berlin (photoHABE)
Basque teachers at European Basque clubs at their annual meeting in 2014, held in Berlin (photoHABE)

Would you like to learn Basque but you are outside the Basque Country and you don’t know where to start?  Our advice is that you approach a Basque club.   You will be greeted with open arms and they will help you.  Basque clubs in Europe are now starting their academic year, in october, and so this is the time to enroll.  Here we are providing you a list of places and courses and even how to sign up.  What are you waiting for?

Donostia-San Sebastian.  The 2015-2016 course year will begin in the coming ten days in Basque clubs in Europe and so anyone wishing to learn Basque outside of the Basque Country have a huge opportunity to enroll and begin to realize your dream.

Basque courses in Basque clubs are part of the Euskara Munduan program by HABE, and are aimed at beginning students to those who wish to obtain a title like EGA.  Basque club offer two systems of classes; on the one hand, there are face-to-face classes with the support of a professor on site, that maybe more enjoyable and fun, as well as offering courses online with BOGA, that is more convenient and allows a student to learn from anywhere in the world at their own pace.

Following, thanks to Euskara Munduan, there is a list of Basque club with Basque courses and an email where you can enroll, or ask for further information (we'll publish the rest of the lists in coming days).  Zorte on!


-Centre Cultural Euskal Etxea


Pariseko Eskual Etxea-Maison Basque de Paris


-Eskualdunen Biltzarra


-Lagunt eta Maita/Amicale des Basques


Associazione Culturale Euskara-Erromako Euskal Etxea


London Basque Society


-Bruselako Euskal Etxea;


-Gernika Deutsch-Baskischer Kulturvererein E.V.


-Euskal Etxea-Hogar Vasco de Madrid;


-Centro Vasco-Navarro Laurak Bat de Valencia

-Associació Euskaltzaleok


-Centro Cultural Vasco-Navarro "Euskal Etxea" de Murcia


-Centro Vasco "Gure Txoko"


-Euskal Etxea "Artea"


Laminiturri Euskal Etxea


-Zaragozako Euskal EtxeaFacebook, aquí.


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    Marseillako euskal etxean ere bai.. larunbat arratsalde guztietan. MEE (Marseillako Euskal Etxea) egoitzan. 7bis rue des 3 rois. 13003 Marseille

    Etcheverry, 09/28/2015 14:32

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