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“Euskera in Argentina. Identity and Feeling” will be available at the Buenos Aires Book Fair and at Basque clubs


Cover of the book “Euskera in Argentina. Identity and Feeling”
Cover of the book “Euskera in Argentina. Identity and Feeling”

The book presents the situation of Euskera in the country before the Argentinan Euskaraz program, and since the beginning of the program to present. It will be available at the 2016 Buenos Aires International Book Fair, that will take place April 21-May 9.  The book will also be presented throughout the year at various Basque clubs.  To host a presentation all you have to do is request the date from FEVA and the author (see reference). 

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Sponsored for by HABE (Institute for Adult Literacy Re-Euskaldunization, of the Basque Government), the book Euskera in Argentina. Identity and Feeling was elaborated as part of the celebratory events of the 25th anniversary of the Argentinan Euskaraz program.

Now, in hopes of presenting it to the entire community, the book will be at the Basque Stand, thanks to the Juan de Garay Foundation at the 42nd Buenos Aires Book Fair to be held from April 21-May 9 at the Palermo fairgrounds.

The book analyzes the Basque language in Argentina since the wave of immigration in the 19th century to present.  In the words of the author, “it brings a documented basis to know and fill the gaps of information that exist in this regard.  It takes into account the scarce existence of literature today.”  This first edition which is available to the public includes a prologue by HABE and FEVA and a small photo album that serves as the bridge between the Basque and Spanish versions included into the book.

Presentation at Basque Clubs

Outside of the capital, the book will also be presented at Basque clubs requesting a presentation.  It will be Magdalena Mignaburu herself who will travel to cities in the interior, where she will give talks and complement the book’s text.

To date, the clubs scheduled for a presentation include:

  • Rosario Zazpirak Bat
  • Euzko Etxea de La Plata
  • Gure Txokoa de Rauch
  • Unión Vasca de Bahía Blanca
  • Beti Aurrera Aberri Etxea de Viedma y Carmen de Patagones
  • Euskel Biotza de Roldán
  • Gure Etxe Maitea de Olavarría.

Anyone interested in being included into the tour should contact FEVA via email: or the author directly:

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