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“Give Basque Wings” also from Argentina, studying the Basque language on the network of Euskal Etxeas


The winning poster of the contest held at Semana Vasca 2015 to promote the 2016 Basque classes
The winning poster of the contest held at Semana Vasca 2015 to promote the 2016 Basque classes

“Because it is the language that our ancestors left us,” “Because it is old, original and unique,” or simply “Because it is a reflection of the good climate that permeates the Basque club in our city.”  There are many reasons to learn Basque; all of them different and all of them valid.  And when you are ready, there are a number of possibilities at Basque clubs, worlwide but in this case we´ll talk about the ones in Argentina, where they have announced the start of classes for 2016.  Come on and give Basque wings!

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Thanks to Euskara Munduan organized by HABE and managed in Argentina by FEVA, the Basque language is now reaching in Argentina more Basque clubs every year, and in turn more students. The effort is huge and the results are very positive. Today there are multiple possibilities to learn Basque, and not only in Basque clubs, but also at universities, language labs, as well as online.

With summer vacation over, the Basque clubs in Argentina are getting ready for another term and to meet new students.  At some, classes began in March although the majority of classrooms will open the week of April 4. has gathered information on days and times of classes in a large number of institutions.  The list will continue to be completed as the times are confirmed.

-Arrecifes, Euskaldunak Denak Bat
Adult beginners, Thursdays de 18:30 a 20:30hs. Beginning, Apil 6. Other courses, ask at the Secretariat or e mail

-Azul, Gure Txokoa
Begins the first week of April. Adult classes and recreational activities for children age 6 and up. Information:

-Buenos Aires, Eusketxe-Eusko Kultur Etxea (México 1880)
-Beginners, Saturdays from 15 to 17hs
-Beginners (continuing from last year), Saturdays from 13 to 15hs
-Advanced, Saturdays from 15 to 17hs
If there is enough interest, there may also be another group on Wednesdays.  For more information,

-Buenos Aires, Euskaltzaleak (Bernardo de Irigoyen 826)
Beginning Basque, 4 hours a week or 2 hours complemented online:
-Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19 to 21hs at Euskaltzaleak (Bernardo de Irigoyen 826, CABA)
-Tuesdays from 17 to 19hs at the Alfonsina Storni Cultural Center (Arenales 2113, Florida) 
-Wednesdays from18 to 20hs at Lincoln College Lincoln (Olleros 2283, Belgrano)
-Thursdays from 12 to 14hs at Euskaltzaleak (Bdo de Irigoyen 826, CABA) Ask about this course to find your level).
Information on the rest of the courses on this link. For more information:

-Córdoba, Gure Txokoa
Begins on April 6l. More information at:

-Córdoba, Gerora
-College of Languages: Beginners, Mondays 17 a 20hs; Intermediates, Wednesdays 17 a 20hs; Advanced, Tuesdays17 a 20hs.
-Gerora headquarters: Beginners, Mondays from 15 to 18hs; Intermediates, Fridays from 17 to 20hs; Advanced, Tuesdays from 17 to 20hs.
-Cepran: Tuesdays from 9 to 11hs.
More information at:

-Chascomús, Zingirako Euskaldunak
-Youth, Tuesdays 14:30hs.
-Adults, Mondays 19:00hs. Begins on April 4.
More information by emailing:

-General Rodríguez, Eusko Aterpea 
Basque workshop for youth and adults will begin on June 1, 2016.  The reason for the change is due to a trip that the teachers are taking to the Basque Country.

For more information:

-Gral. Villegas, Villegas’ko Euskaldunak.
Begins in April. Continuing courses from last year and enrollment for new courses as well. Times and days will be confirmed in April for more information write:

-La Plata, Euzko Etxea
-Beginners A: Thursdays from 19 to 21hs
-Level C (continuing from 2015): Wednesdays 19 to 21hs 
-Level B Intermediates: Mondays 17 to 19hs
-Level A Advanced: Tuesdays from 18 to 21hs
-Euskera for txikis (5 to 12 years): Saturdays from 16 to 17:30hs
Classes begin the week of April 4.  More information:

-La Plata, Basque Language and Culture Lecturer at the UNLP
Beginning course 2016, Thursdays 17:30 to 19:00hs, beginning March 31.
Information about the rest of the courses taught by the lecturer, here.

-Mendoza, Denak Bat
Tuesdays from 17:00 to 19:30hs. As courses continue to open, hours will be published.  For more information email:

-Necochea, Euzko Etxea
Tuesdays from 18 to 19:30hs. More information:

-Pehuajó, Etxe Alai
Tuesdays from 15.30 to 18hs taught by irakasle Alejandra Bengochea from Trenque Lauquen.

-Río Cuarto, Gure Ametza
Basque classes will be held on Fridays in the afternoon with times TBD. Beginning in April. More information:

-Rosario, Zazpirak Bat
Beginners: Tuesdays 19hs 
Advanced: Thursdays 18hs. More information,

-Rosario, Chair of Basque Culture and Language (Entre Ríos 768)
-Beginners, Fridays from 10 to 12hs
-Advanced, Fridays from 12 to 14hs

-Saladillo, Itxaropena
Wednesdays from 16 to 17hs. More information by calling: 02344 15402978.

-San Nicolás, Euzkal Etxea
-Continuing beginners, Saturdays 9 to 11:30hs
-Beginners, Fridays 19:30hs
More information, by calling 03461 4450071

-Santa Rosa, Zelaiko Euskal Etxea
Saturdays from 9 to 11hs. More information email:

-Tandil, at Gure Etxea
-Euskera I, Grupo A: Tuesdays from 16:30 to 18:30hs
-Euskera I, Grupo B: Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00hs
-Euskera II: Tuesdays from 18:30 to 20:30hs
-Euskera III and IV, see schedule.
Beginning course at the Department of Languages at the UNCPBA (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires), Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:00 to 19:30hs. At the Ernesto Sábato school. More information:

-Trenque Lauquen, Euskal Sustraiak
-Beginners, Mondays from 15 to 17hs,
-Advanced, Thursdays 15 to 17hs
-Dantzaris, Saturdays from 15 to 17hs.

-Tres Arroyos, Hiru Erreka
Wednesdays, from 19 to 21hs. More information:

-Viedma-Carmen de Patagones, Beti Aurrera Aberri Etxea (times are tentative)
-Beginners, Thursdays 15hs
-2nd Level, Thursdays 17hs
-Txikis, Saturdays 17hs

-Villa María, Euzko Etxea
-Second Level, Fridays 20hs
-First Level, Saturdays 15:30hs
More information,

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