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A gigantic Tres Z zahato or bota represented the Euskal Etxea at the 44th Calf Festival in Ayacucho


The Euskal Odola float in the parade at the 44th Calf Festival in Ayacucho
The Euskal Odola float in the parade at the 44th Calf Festival in Ayacucho

The 2016 of the Calf Festival and Yerra Day in Ayacucho included a large representation from the local Basque club.  On the one hand, Euskal Odola was the site of the festival’s queen candidate presentation, and on the other, they marched in the parade with a float with an original image of the Basque Country: a gigantic zahato or bota bag and the dantzaris.  See the gallery. 

Ayacucho, Argentina.   The Calf Festival and Day of the Yerra in Ayacucho took place this year from March 6-13.  During the week, the entire community celebrated the festival that hops to recuperate, protect and give visibility to traditions of the Argentine countryside.  That is why there were various demonstrations like horses, folkloric music and dance and a parade, one of the most anticipated events of the festival for many.

The Euskal Odola club marched in the parade this year with an original design: the float carried a huge Basque zahato or bota bag.  Watching over the bota was the club’s queen candidate and the dantzaris also toured the city along with floats from other institutions.

Folkloric club

Even if the official program of the festival ran from March 6-13, the preparations began before.  Among these it should be mentioned that the Folkloric club took place at the Basque clubhouse where they presented their queen candidates for the first time at the 44th edition of the festival.

Local artists were the protagonists of the night and brought local flavor to the club with their songs and dances.  Matías Pessi, Carlos Sferra and the Laurencena Trio; the folkloric group from the United Youth Club, coordinated by Nancy Sauco; the group “El Encuentro,” directed by Roxana Ciganda; and the local artist Maria Eva Diaz, who recited the zamba Ayacucho, Morada del alma, entertained those present by dancing “until they made sparks on the floor.”

The even lasted into the evening and the president of the Civil Association of the National Calf Festival, Pedro Abel Ilarregui, thanked everyone present, the Euskal Odola and all of the institutions that made the festival a great event.

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