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Eusko Etxea in New York has completed renovating its facilities and will debut on Aberri Eguna


Photos of the renovation of the Euskal Etxea in New York (photosNYEE)
Photos of the renovation of the Euskal Etxea in New York (photosNYEE)

After the long process of its clubhouse renovation that took place over the last few months, Eusko Etxea in New York has announced the completion of the second phase of work and has invited club members to come for a cleaning day next Saturday at 10:00am in order to get ready for its debut next week on March 27, Aberri Eguna. 

New York, USA.   The New York Basque Club has completed the renovation of its clubhouse to improve various parts of the building.  Now, after completing the second phase of construction, the club has made a call to its members to help clean up the mess, and get the clubhouse ready for its debut.  The volunteer event is for this Saturday, March 19 beginning at 10am.

The renovation is being possible thanks to the great work of many, including Iñaki Bakedano (renovation designer), Francisco Basurto (contractor), Oscar Fuentes (architect) and Enrique Arana (renovation advisor). 

The club will celebrate the debut of the clubhouse with a big party, one with a great tradition at the New York Basque club: Aberri Eguna.  The celebration will take place on March 27 with a traditional get-together and dinner.  The event will begin at noon and dinner will be served at 3pm.

To RSVP contact Itziar Albisu at: or call 201.214.9649.  Reservations can also be made on the club’s website:

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