Esfera 1StemTek is a global biopharmaceutical company with a clear stem cell focused research services portfolio in drug development for cancer treatment. Our interest is not just be the first line research services provider for the pharmaceutical industry but to go beyond current barriers in drug screening to overcome unmet needs for cancer treatment for the benefit of society as a whole.

Recent discoveries in cancer research and stem cells are allowing unprecedented breakthroughs in anti-cancer treatment approaches, creating new business opportunities in drug discovery.

StemTek uses state of the art technology and world class science to contribute to a novel generation of anti-cancer drugs. StemTek is dedicated to accelerating drug discovery in cancer using cutting edge technology, world-class science and a stem cell centric point of view for cancer therapy.

Why Stemtek?


Drug screening against cancer stem cells based on 3D cell culture systems, such as tumor spheroid characterization, allows stronger, more efficient an reliable drug screening than conventional 2D based monolayer culture systems currently used by pharmaceutical industry.

StemTek has developed a portfolio added-value research services that allows customers to profile their pipeline of compounds for their effect on cancer stem cell populations, using 3D culture models (tumor spheroids) besides a variety of gold-standard approaches for cancer stem cell identification, benefiting from the extense experience of the scientific team at StemTek in cancer stem cell research (for a list of publications click here)