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The Real Twitter API. I tweet about API changes, service issues and happily answer questions about Twitter and our API. Don't get an answer? It's on my website.

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  1. See this developer forum post for important updates if you currently implement a player card on your website.

  2. Announcing the Twitter Ads API Challenge
    Announcing #Promote Ads API Challenge, our investment in the marketing technology ecosystem. Build the best marketing tools using the Twitter Ads API for the chance to win $250,000.
  3. Improved image sizes coming soon to the API. Details here on the dev forums, and on the blog

  4. Full documentation for the API around the new alt text feature is coming soon.

  5. Now live: a modern new embedded timeline with more flexibility, rich media, new cards & more

  6. Update: our migration to 64-bit snowflake IDs is complete - saved searches, users and list IDs are now all 64-bit.

  7. The streaming endpoints are returning to normal.

  8. We are working to resolve some 4xx and 5xx API issues.

  9. The Streaming API endpoints are returning to normal after the earlier connection issues.

  10. We are investigating an issue with the Streaming API endpoints at present.

  11. RT : Registration for Twitter Flight is now open! Join us on October 21 in SF.

  12. The temporary widget rendering issue should be resolved

  13. We are aware of a temporary issue with some of our web widgets and embeds repeating on some sites and are investigating.

  14. Our developer conference is back! Join us at Twitter on October 21 in San Francisco:

  15. Update to plans to roll out longer DMs - including how to test in your apps

  16. We are excited to announce that the REST API now supports native video upload.

  17. Thank you for your patience, media entities in the streaming API should be returning to normal.

  18. Today we are excited to announce a series of Fabric events worldwide: Flock! Register here:

  19. We have disabled SSLv3 protocol support in response to the vulnerability published today. You may need to update your browser to use Twitter

  20. We are aware of the OAuth / xAuth issue affecting REST endpoints. We are addressing the issue and will update when resolved.

  21. We're building great content for . Apply to attend & learn what's behind the red lines.

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