Kepa Junkera and Sorginak: “Drakian”

On the opening day of the 2016 Folklife Festival, Basque trikitixa (accordion) sensation Kepa Junkera headlined the Ralph Rinzler Concert Stage, accompanied by five of the Sorginak. In this song “Drakian” from their 2016 album Maletak, Garazi Otaegi performs a solo dance and jumps on the txalaparta, a … Continue reading Kepa Junkera and Sorginak: “Drakian”

Day Eight: Top Ten Photos

Kaixo! 今日は! Kamthum muvak! Ողջույն! ¡Hola! سلام! Hawka! That’s “hello” in Basque, Japanese, Quechan, Armenian, Spanish, Pashto, and Kumeyaay—most (but probably not even all) of the languages represented in the 2016 Folklife Festival. As we learn about cultures and communities near and far, through personal interactions, creative arts, and languages, … Continue reading Day Eight: Top Ten Photos