Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Programs by Year


Mekong River: Connecting Cultures
Northern Ireland at the Smithsonian
Roots of Virginia Culture


Alberta at the Smithsonian
Been in the Storm So Long: New Orleans Evening Concert Series
Carriers of Culture: Living Native Basket Traditions
Nuestra Música: Latino Chicago


Food Culture USA
Forest Service, Culture, and Community
Oman: Desert, Oasis, and Sea
Nuestra Música: Music in Latino Culture


Haiti: Freedom and Creativity from the Mountains to the Sea
Nuestra Música: Music in Latino Culture
Water Ways: Mid-Atlantic Maritime Communities


Appalachia: Heritage and Harmony
Scotland at the Smithsonian
Mali: From Timbuktu to Washington


Bermuda Connections
Masters of the Building Arts
New York City at the Smithsonian


El Río
Tibetan Culture Beyond the Land of Snows
Washington, D.C.: It's Our Home


Celebrating New Hampshire's Stories
Gateways to Romania
South Africa: Crafting the Economic Renaissance of the Rainbow Nation


Baltic Nations: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
Folkways 50th
Pahiyas: A Philippine Harvest
Rio Grande/Río Bravo Basin


African Immigrant Folklife
Mississippi Delta
Sacred Sounds


American South
Iowa-Community Style
Working at the Smithsonian


Cape Verdean Connection
Czech Republic: Tradition and Transformation
Russian Roots/American Branches
Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women


The Bahamas
Culture and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Masters of Traditional Arts: National Heritage Fellowships


American Social Dance
Kids' Stuff
Metro Music
U.S.-Mexico Borderlands


The Changing Soundscape in Indian Country
Creativity and Resistance: Maroon Culture in the Americas
New Mexico
Workers at the White House


Family Farming in the Heartland
Indonesia: Forest, Field, and Sea
Land in Native American Cultures
Roots of Rhythm and Blues: The Robert Johnson Era


Musics of Struggle
U.S. Virgin Islands


Cultural Conservation: (American Indian Program): Problems of access and cultural continuity among peoples of the Iroquois Nation, and Yaqui, Washoe, Paiute, Shoshone, Ojibwa, and Northern Plains tribes
"Les Fêtes Chez Nous": France and North America
Quincentenary Program: (The Caribbean: Cultural Encounters in the New World): Musicians, dancers, and cooks from Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba


Cultural Conservation: American Folklore Society Centennial
Festival Music Stage: Bluegrass, Piedmont blues, Cajun and Puerto Rican music, American Indian performance, double-dutch jump roping
Ingenuity and Tradition: The Common Wealth of Massachusetts
Migration to Metropolitan Washington: Making a New Place Home
Music from the Peoples of the Soviet Union: Music and performance from Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Tuva, Yakutsk


Cultural Conservation: (Cultural Conservation and Languages: America's Many Voices): Appalachian community, Chinese-American community, Lao-American community, Mexican-American
Metropolitan Washington


American Trial Lawyers
Cultural Conservation: (Traditional Crafts in a Post Industrial Age): Cherokee and split-oak basketry, Hispanic weaving and woodcarving, Hmong embroidery, African American quilting, Italian American stone carving, Zuni and Southern pottery, rag-rug weaving
20th Anniversary Music Stage


Cultural Conservation: Makah and Puerto Rican mask makers; African American cornrowers; Kmhmu craftsmen; Seneca basket makers; Appalachian balladry; Cajun music, cowboy music, song, and poetry; Irish music; Mayan marimba music; Mayan Indian weaving
India: Mela!


Black Urban Expressive Culture from Philadelphia
The Grand Generation: Folklore and Aging


NEA: National Heritage Awards
New Jersey
Occupational Culture: Flight


Children's Program
National Endowment for the Arts Program


American Tent Show
Children's Program
Energy and Community: Adobe architecture
Folklore of the Deaf
Native American Program: Ojibwa Indians
NEA: The Arts Endowment Folk Arts Program
Old Ways in the New World: South Slavic Americans
Regional America: Southeastern U.S. music and crafts, Northeastern music and dance


American Talkers: Auctioneers, pitchmen, street criers
Energy and Community: Folk housing and energy efficiency, community activities, food preservation
Old Ways in the New World: Caribbean Americans, Southeast Asian Americans, Finnish Americans


Children's Program
Energy and Community: Native American architecture
Folklore in Your Community: Baseball players, CB radio operators, firefighters, gospel singers, market vendors, neighborhood store owners, stone carvers, street hawkers, cab drivers, Vietnamese community
Medicine Show


Energy and Community: Oil and coal industry workers
Ethnic Community: Ellis Island and American Immigration
Mexican Communities
Native American Community: San Juan Pueblo of New Mexico (NMNH)
Occupational Community: Organ builders, sleeping car porters, sharecroppers
Regional Community: Chesapeake Bay, Smith Island


Crafts: Paint on wood/crafting with natural fibers
Energy and Community: America's Appetite (for Energy)
Nation of Nations: Dunham School, Ellis Island/Immigrant lore, baseball bat turning, ethnic foods
Native American Program: Ojibwa, Tolowa, San Juan Pueblo, Navajo, Seneca
Working Americans: Folklore in Your Community (D.C. cab drivers, bartenders, vendors, Capitol building workers)


African Diaspora: Ghana, Jamaica, Haiti, Liberia, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Zaire, Suriname, Senegal, Cape Verde
Children's Program
Family Folklore
Native American Program: Tribes from the Northeast, Southeast, Southern Plains, Prairie, Northern Plains, Northwest Coast, Southwest, Plateau, Basin, Northern California, Arctic
Old Ways in the New World: Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, South America, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, Japan, Austria, India, France, Poland, Britain, Portugal, Israel, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy
Regional America: Northeast, Great Lakes, South, Upland South, Heartland, Great West, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest
Working Americans: Workers Who Feed Us, Workers Who Extract and Shape, Workers Who Build, Workers in Technical and Professional Skills, Workers Who Clothe Us, Workers in Communications, Arts and Recreation


African Diaspora: Jamaica, Ghana, Haiti
Children's Program
Family Folklore
Native American Program: Iroquois Confederacy
Old Ways in the New World: Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Japan, Mexico
Regional America: Northern Plains, California Heartland
Working Americans: Railroad workers, aircraft employees, truckers, seafarers


African Diaspora: Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Caribbean
Children's Program
Family Folklore
Native American Program: California tribes (Tolowa, Pomo, Hoopa, Yurok, Karok, Luiseno, Maidu, Cahuilla), Basin/Plateau tribes (Paiute, Shoshone, Kaibab, Northern Ute, Ute Mountain, Southern Ute, Nez Perce), Creek, Cherokee, Eskimo, Acoma, Athabaskan, Jemez, Laguna
Old Ways in the New World: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Tunisia, Greece
Performance: Evolution of American Folk Music
Working Americans: Graphic artists, radio operators (amateur/commercial)


Native American Program: Northern Plains Indians
Old Ways in the New World: Britain, Yugoslavia
Working Americans: Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, stone masons, lathers, bricklayers, plasterers, millwrights, operating engineers, pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, steam fitters


Labor Program: ILGWU, lithographers and photoengravers, carpenters and joiners, molders and allied workers
Native American Program: Southwest Indians
Performance: Chicago blues, old-time country blues, gospel, First Annual Fiddlers' Convention


Native American Program: Northwest Coast Indians
Labor Program: Meat cutters and butchers; bakery and confectionery workers; glass bottle blowers; bridge, structural, and ornamental iron workers
Performance: Puerto Rican music and dance, Cajun music, country music, ragtime, shouts, jubilees, work songs, blues, Caribbean music and dance, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, old-time banjo and fiddle music


Crafts: Dairy traditions
Native American Program: Southern Plains Indians
Performance: Spanish, Irish, and Scottish bagpipers; country; bluegrass music; southern blues; Sacred Harp; Portuguese-American Fado musicians; Chinese dragon dancers; shouts; spirituals; jubilees; string bands; East European folk songs


Crafts: Sheep shearing and wool processing, corn culture, Seminole Indian crafts, carvers and toy makers, doll makers, blacksmiths, basket maker, potter
Performance: French singers from New Hampshire and Louisiana; Grand Ole Opry performers; Turkish, Afro-Cuban, Greek singers and dancers; ballad singers; string bands; fife and drum bands; blues; shouts; jubilees; spirituals
Toby Show: Traditional Touring Tent Theater


City-Country Area: Blues, bluegrass, jazz, gospel, Cajun, Basque, Indian, dancers, ballad singers
Crafts: Butter churning; sheep shearing; soap, candy, sorghum making; milling
Native American Program: Lummi Indians


Crafts: American basket makers, carvers, doll makers, needleworkers, potters, blacksmith, silversmith, spinners, weavers
Performance: American fife and drum groups; brass bands; string bands; gospel; shouts; jubilees; spirituals; Puerto Rican music; New Orleans jazz; Cajun music; ballads; Mesquakie Indian music; blues; country music; polka music; cowboy songs; clogging; Scottish, Russian, Irish dancers; Chinese New Year's Pantomime; King Island Eskimo dancers; dance of Galicia