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Textbook Series
Basque Cinema
By Jaume Marti-Olivella
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-19-0), $14.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-20-4), $24.95 Download here
Basque Culture: Anthropological Perspectives
By William Douglass and Joseba Zulaika
paper (ISBN 978-1-877802-64-5) $19.95 Download here
Basque Cyberculture: From Digital Euskadi to Cyber Euskalherria
By Andoni Alonso and Iñaki Arzoz
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-14-X), $24.95
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-13-1), $14.95 Download here
Basque Economy from Industrialization to Globalization
By Mikel Uranga
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-11-5), $24.95
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-10-7), $14.95 Download here
Basque Gender Studies
By Margaret Bullen
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-31-X), $14.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-32-8), $24.95 Download here
Modern Basque History: Eighteenth Century to the Present
By Cameron Watson
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-17-4), $29.95 Paper (ISBN 1-877802-16-6), $19.95 Download here
Basque Society: Institutions and Contemporary Life
By Gabriel Gatti, Irazuzta, and Mtz. De Albeniz
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-26-3), $24.95
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-25-5), $14.95 Download here
Basque Sociolinguistics: Language, Society, and Culture
By Estibaliz Amorrortu
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-22-0), $14.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-23-9), $24.95 Download here
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa: Museums, Architecture, and City Renewal
By Joseba Zulaika
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-07-7) $24.95
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-06-9), $14.95 Download here
Waking the Hedgehog: The Literary World of Bernardo Atxaga
By Maria Jose Olaziregi
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-28-X), $14.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-29-8), $24.95 Download here
Conference Papers Series
War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life, 1936-1946
Edited by Sandra Ott
Paper (ISBN 978-1-935709-10-7) $24.95
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-935709-09-1) $44.95. Download here
Empire & Terror: Nationalism / Postnationalism in the New Millennium
Edited by Begoña Aretxaga, Dennis Dworkin, Joseba Gabilondo and Joseba Zulaika
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-48-4) $24.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-49-2) $29.95. Download here
Learning from the Bilbao Guggenheim (Paperback)
Hardcover, (ISBN 1-877802-51-4) $29.95
Paper, (ISBN 1-877802-50-6) $25.95. Download here
Voicing the Moment: Improvised Oral Poetry and Basque Tradition
Edited by Samuel G. Armistead and Joseba Zulaika
Hardcover, $29.95 (ISBN 1-877802-56-5)
Paper, $24.95 (ISBN 1-877802-55-7) Download here
Opportunity Structures in Diaspora Relations: Comparisons in Contemporary Multilevel Politics of Diaspora and Transnational Identity
Edited by Gloria Totoricagüena
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-73-7) $29.95
Paper (ISBN 978-1-877802-72-0), $24.95. Download here
Other Books
Basque Diaspora: Migration and Transnational Identity
By Gloria Totricagüena
Paper (ISBN 1-877802-45-X), $19.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-20-4), $24.95
Download here
Anglo-American Contributions to Basque Studies: Essays in Honor of Jon Bilbao
Edited by William A. Douglass, Richard W. Etulain, William H. Jacobsen, Jr.
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Basque Classics Series
No. 8. Linguae Vasconum Primitiae: The First Fruits of the Basque Language, 1545
By Bernard Etxepare
Hardcover $34.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-33-6)
Paper $19.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-32-9)
The Basques
By Julio Caro Baroja
Translated by Kristin Addis
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-92-8); $44.95 USD
Koldo Mitxelena: Selected Writings of a Basque Scholar
Edited by Pello Salaburu
Hardcover, $39.95 (ISBN 978-1-877802-81-2).
Paper, $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-877802-80-5).
Selected Writings of José Miguel de Barandiarán: Basque Prehistory and Ethnography
Edited by Jesus Altuna
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-70-6) $39.95.
Paper, (ISBN 978-1-877802-69-0) $29.95.
Anthology of Apologists and Detractors of the Basque Language by Juan Madariaga Orbea
Translated by Frederick H. Fornoff, María Cristina Saavedra, Amaia Gabantxo, and Cameron J. Watson.
Hardcover, (ISBN 1-877802-63-8) $39.95.
Paper, (ISBN 1-877802-62-X) $29.95.
The Basques: of Lapurdi, Zuberoa, and Lower Navarre: Their History and Their Traditions
By Philippe Veyrin
Hardcover (978-1-877802-99-7) $44.95
Paperback, (978-1-935709-07-7) $27.95
The Old Law of Bizkaia (1452): A Critical Edition
Compiled, edited and annotated by Gregorio Monreal Zia (2005)
Paperback. $24.95 (ISBN 1-877802-53-0).
The Selected Essays of Julio Caro Baroja
Paperback (978-1-935709-16-9) $24.95
Hardcover (978-1-935709-15-2) $44.95
Basque Literature Series
Our Wars: Short Fiction on Basque Conflicts
Edited by Mikel Ayerbe Sudupe
Paper $24.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-29-9)
An Anthology of Basque Short Stories
Compiled by Mari Jose Olaziregi
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-41-7), $24.95
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-40-9), $19.95
And the Serpent Said to the Woman
By M.L. Oñederra; translated from Basque by Kristin Addis
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-58-1), $19.95
Hardcover (ISBN 1-877802-59-X), $24.95
Perfect Happiness
by Anjel Lertxundi; translated by Amaia Gabantxo
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-74-4), $19.95
Rossetti’s Obsession
By Ramon Saizarbitoria; translated from Basque by Madalen Saizarbitoria
Paperback (ISBN 1-877802-60-3), $19.95
The Red Notebook
By Arantxa Urretabizkaia; translated from Basque by Kristin Addis
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-82-9), $19.95
Two Basque Stories
By Bernardo Atxaga; translated from Basque by Nere Lete
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-85-0), $19.95
Blade of Light
By Harkaitz Cano
Paperback (978-1-877802-95-9) $19.95
Basque Politics Series
The Making of the Basque Question: Experiencing Self-Government, 1793–1877
By Joseba Agirreazkuenaga
Paper $24.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-21-3)
Expelled from the Motherland: The Government of President Jose Antonio Agirre in Exile, 1937–1960
By Xabier Irujo
Hardcover $44.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-25-1)
Paper $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-20-6)
From Bizkaia to Boise: The Memoirs of Pete T. Cenarrusa
By Quane Kenyon, with Pete T. Cenarrusa
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-91-1), $19.95 USD
Basque Political Systems
Edited by Pedro Ibarra Guell and Xabier Irujo Ametzaga
Paperback $24.95 USD
Living Boundaries: Frontiers and Identity in the Basque Country
By Zoe Bray
Paperback 978-1-935709-17-6 $29.95
The Future Is Ours
By Koldo Ordozgoiti
Paperback 978-1-935709-08-4 $19.95
Conference Papers Series
Knowledge Communities
Hardcover (978-1-877802-97-3) $39.95 USD
War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life, 1936-1946
Hardcover (978-1-935709-09-1) $44.95
Paperback (978-1-935709-10-7) $24.95
Writers In Between Languages: Minority Literatures in the Global Scene
Edited by Mari Jose Olaziregi
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-90-4), $39.95 USD
Current Research Series
Violence and Communication
Edited by Jose Antonio Mingolarra, Carmen Arocena, Rosa Martín Sabaris
Paper $19.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-22-0)
The Challenge of a Bilingual Society in the Basque Country
Edited by Pello Salaburu and Xabier Alberdi
Paper $19.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-30-5)
Basque Cooperativism
Edited by Baleran Bakaikoa and Eneka Albizu
Paper (978-1-935709-13-8) $19.95
Development Cooperation: Facing the Challenges of Global Change
Edited by Koldo Unceta
Paper (978-1-935709-02-2) $19.95
Equality, Equity, and Diversity: Educational Solutions in the Basque Country
Edited by Alfonso Unceta and Concepción Medrano
Paper (978-1-935709-00-8) $19.95
Feminist Challenges in the Social Sciences: Gender Studies in the Basque Country
Edited by Mari Luz Esteban and Mila Amurrio
Paper (978-1-935709-01-5) $19.95
Implications of Current Research on Social Innovation in the Basque Country
Edited by Ander Gurrutxaga Abad and Antonio Rivera
Paper (978-1-935709-05-3) $19.95
Innovation: Economic, Social, and Cultural Aspects
Edited by Mikel Gómez Uranga and Juan Carlos Miguel de Bustos
Paper (978-1-935709-12-1) $19.95
Behavior and Organizational Change
Edited by Sabino Ayestarán and Jon Barrutia Goenaga
Paper (978-1-935709-18-3) $19.95
Diaspora and Migration Studies Series
Boise Basques: Dreamers and Doers
By Gloria Totoricagüena
Hardcover (1-877802-37-9), $29.95
Buffalotarrak: An Anthology of the Basques of Buffalo, Wyoming
Edited by Dollie Iberlin and David Romtvedt
Paperback (978-1-935709-14-5) $19.95
Gardeners of Identity: Basques in the San Francisco Bay Area
By Pedro J. Oiarzabal
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-88-1), $29.95 USD
Global Vasconia
By William A. Douglass
Paperback (978-1-877802-67-6) $29.95
The Basques of New York: A Cosmopolitan Experience
By Gloria Totoricagüena
Douglass Scholar Series
The Basque Nation On-Screen: Cinema, Nationalism, and Political Violence
By Santiago De Pablo
Hardcover $34.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-24-4)
Paper $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-23-7)
Relational Democracy
By Pedro Ibarra Güell
Hardcover $39.95 (ISBN 978-1-877802-83-6)
Paper $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-877802-84-3)
Occasional Papers Series
Living Boundaries: Frontiers and Identity in the Basque Country
By Zoe Bray
Paper $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-17-6)
Basque Pelota: A Ritual, an Aesthetic
By Olatz González Abrisketa
Paper $24.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-31-2)
Basque Literary History
Edited by Mari Jose Olaziregi
Paper $29.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-19-0)
Alejandro Aldekoa: Master of Pipe and Tabor Dance Music in the Basque Country
By Sabin Bikandi
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-89-8), $34.95 USD
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-93-5), $29.95 USD
Amatxi, Amuma, Amona: Writings in Honor of Basque Women
Hardcover (978-1-877802-09-3) $25.00
Arriaga, The Forgotten Genius. The Short Life of a Basque Composer
By Barbara Rosen
Hardcover (978-1-877802-01-8) $12.00
Basque Cultural Studies
Edited by William A. Douglass, Carmelo Urza, Linda White, and Joseba Zulaika
Hardcover (978-1-877802-03-4) $29.95
Basque Nationalism and Political Violence: The Ideological and Intellectual Origins of ETA
By Cameron Watson
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-75-1), $39.95
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-76-8), $29.95
Basque Politics and Nationalism on the Eve of the Millennium
Edited by William A. Douglass, Carmelo Urza, Linda White, and Joseba Zulaika
Hardcover (978-1-877802-04-2) $29.95
Basque/European Perspectives on Cultural and Media Studies
Edited by María Pilar Rodríguez
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-86-7), $44.95
Essays in Basque Social Anthropology and History
Edited by William A. Douglass
In Search of Catalina de Erauso:The National and Sexual Identity of The Lieutenant Nun
By Eva Mendieta
Hardcover (978-1-877802-87-4), $39.95 USD
Oteiza’s Selected Writings
Edited by Joseba Zulaika
Paperback (978-1-877802-43-3) $25.95
Hardcover (978-1-877802-44-1)
Robert Laxalt, the Voice of the Basques in American Literature
By David Río; translated by Kristin Addis
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-71-3) $24.95
States of Terror: Begoña Aretxaga’s Essays
By Begoña Aretxaga edited by Joseba Zulaika; Introduction by Kay B. Warren; Prologue and Epilogue by Joseba Zulaika
Paperback, (1-877802-57-3) $24.95
The Basque Diaspora / La Diáspora Vasca
Edited by William A. Douglass, Carmelo Urza, Linda White, and Joseba Zulaika
Hardcover (978-1-877802-05-0) $29.95
The Origins, Ideology, and Organization of Basque Nationalism, 1876–1903
By Javier Corcuera Atienza
Translated by Albert Bork and Cameron J. Watson. Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-77-5) $39.95
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-68-3) $29.95
The Transformation of National Identity in the Basque Country of France, 1789-2006
By Igor Ahedo Gurrutxaga
Hardcover (ISBN 978-1-877802-78-2) $39.95
Paperback (ISBN 978-1-877802-79-9) $29.95
Miscellaneous Books
The Girl Who Swam to Euskadi (children’s book)
By Mark Kurlansky
Hardcover $18.95 (978 1-877802-54-9)
Oui Oui Oui of the Pyrenees (children’s book)
By Mary Jean Etcheberry-Morton
Paper $10.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-26-8)
Joanes, or the Basque Whaler: The Flying Whaleboat (graphic novel)
By Guillermo Zubiaga
Paper $5.00
Joanes 2: Return to Whale Island (graphic novel)
By Guillermo Zubiaga
Paper $7.50 (ISBN 978-1-935709-11-4)
William A. Douglass: Mr. Basque
By Miel A. Elustondo
Paper $24.95 (ISBN 978-1-935709-28-2)