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A float with a giant Txapela (beret) represented the Basques at the Ayacucho Veal Festival


A giant Txaplea with the Basque club’s logo represented the Basques at the National Veal Festival in Ayacucho
A giant Txaplea with the Basque club’s logo represented the Basques at the National Veal Festival in Ayacucho

The National Veal and Yerra Festival is one of the largest and most popular events in Ayacucho, Argentina.  Nearly 50,000 people have attended the event yarly over the last few years; its activities that last all week.  The Euskal Odola Basque Club is a faithful participant at the event.  This year, they participated with a float that included a giant Txapela (Basque beret) and also presented a queen candidate. 


Ayacucho, Argentina.  The National Veal and Yerra festival in Ayacucho annually provides a wide program of entertainment “in hopes of recuperating, protecting and supporting the visibility of the traditions from the Argentine campo,” included in the program, among other things, horse dressage, folkloric music and dance, BBQs for hundreds of diners, a parade and the selection of a queen.

Euskal Odola, the local Basque club, has adhered to the celebration for years, from different areas.  In this way, it hosted the event to present a queen candidate, with a total of 19 youth.  Josefina Romero was chosen to represent the Basque club as well as the Basque community at large.

For the parade, the club prepared a nice surprise.  The club’s float wasn’t only decorated with Lauburus and set up to carry the queen candidate, but it also had a giant Txapela, symbol no doubt of how to recognize the Basque farmers in the area.  The originality of the float was also recognized by the audience.

In a conversation with, club representative, Elena Alberro, said they were very happy with the Basque participation at the Festival.  Alberro added, “even if our candidate wasn’t chosen, she was honored with the “Best Partner” award that honors us and makes us all happy.”

The spokesperson for Euskal Oldola also informed us that they will continue with their monthly dinners with the next one taking place on April 22nd.  She also told us that club muslaris are getting ready to participate in the National Mus Tournament in Chacabuco. 

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