Basque Patriot in New York Launched in Basque Country

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Bray Accepts Visiting Professorship at the Hebrew University

Zoe Bray will take on a Lady Davis Visiting Professorship at the European Forum of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel from September 2014 to August 2015, to pursue her research project on art and anthropology.

Winners of the First Basque Literary Writing Contest

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Bill Douglass Wins Argizaiola Award in Basque Country

The Center congratulates Bill Douglass on Winning the Argizaiola Award at the Durango Book Fair. Click here to read more.

Center Book Reviewed in Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

Edited by Sandra Ott, the Center's collection of articles based on the conference on War, Exile, Justice, Everyday Life, which explore the experience in a variety of ways of ordinary citizens in times of war and strife, has been reviewed in the prestigious Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. Click here to read the review.

News from Professor Sandra Ott

On October 24th-26th, Sandy chaired a panel and gave a paper on another panel at the annual conference of the Western Society for French History. Her conference paper focused on the extraordinary tale of the Hotel Continental in Pau, whose managers helped hundreds of Jews escape the tyranny of Vichy and Hitler by registering them as hotel guests with false identity papers and then securing their passage across the Pyrnees into Spain. At the same time, the German army requisitioned two floors of the same hotel.

On December 17th, 2013, Sandy Ott gave a lecture at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, entitled "The Anthropologist as an Archive Addict: An Ethnographic Approach to Occupied and Liberated France, 1940-1947," in the series "The Lost Generation: Out of Oxford in the 1980s." The seminar series involved a cohort of former students at Oxford who received their doctorates in social anthropology in the 1970s and 1980s. The presenters are now submitting their work to an anthropological journal in the UK.

From Canterbury Sandy traveled on to Toulouse, Pau and Santazi to spend a week doing field work in Iparralde and Bearn. She spent time with an amazing group of people in their 90s who had direct experience of the German occupation of France and the Basque provinces.

In December,The Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, published Sandy's article about teenaged delinquents in wartime Pau, "Looking for Lacombe, Lucien in Southwestern France."

In Spring 2014, the peer-reviewed journal, French Politics, Culture and Society, published an article by Sandy entitled, "Undesirable Pen Pals, Unthinkable Houseguests: Representations of Franco- German Friendships in a Post-Liberation Trial Dossier and Suite Française."
On September 25, UNR gathered to celebrate the publication of the Warren Lerude's Robert Laxalt: The Story of a Storyteller published by the Center. Click here for photos.
On Friday August 23, 2013 at 8:30 p.m. KNPB will be showing "A Conversation with Lerude about Laxalt" discussing Warren Lerude's new book Robert Laxalt: The Story of a Storyteller. It will air again on Sunday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. Soon after that date, it should also be available on
On March 15, 2013 Joseba Zulaika gave a lecture entitled “Basque Violence—25 Years Later” at the conference organized by the Basque Anthropological Association in San Sebastian on “Perspectives on Violence: Ethnographic and Theoretical Debates.”
On February 15, 2013 CBS's Iker Saitua participated in the 2013 College of Liberal Arts Graduate Symposium (CLAGS). Iker Saitua's presentation, "'Grasping At a Straw:' The Basque Labor Shortage in the Nevada and Western Sheep Industry during World War II," analyzes Nevada Senator Patrick McCarran's work to sponser Basque herders during WWII. UNR student Nagore Sedano's presentation also focused on Basque Americans. Sedano's presentation, "Basque American Third Generation: Rethinking Monique Urza's The Deep Blue Memory" surveyed the unique contribution that Urza's book made to Basque American writing. To learn more about Saitua and Sedano's presentations, click here.
During the month of January 2013 Joseba Zulaika taught a course on the “Guggenheim Effect” at the University of Chicago. Professor Zulaika also gave a talk on the use of allocutive pronouns in euskera and on “Gernika, Bilbao and The Minotaur: From Picasso to Gehry.
October 15 2012. Zoe Bray presents on the topic of 'Ethnography and Painting: Parallels in Ways of Seeing and Understanding the World'. With the link:
On December 14, 2012 Joseba Zulaika delivered the 4th Annual E. Allison Peers Lecture entitled, "The Global Museum and its Discontents," at the University of Liverpool during the symposium "Globalization and its Discontents in the Luso-Hispanic World: Current Debates in Research and Training.
On December 12, 2012 Joseba Zulaika gave a lecture at King's College, London, on "Art, Architecture and Politics in Bilbao.
On December 8, 2012 CBS's Administrative Assistant, Kate Camino, graduated with a Master of Education from the University of Nevada, Reno. Kate teaches the Center's Basque language courses and previously earned a master's degree in French. The Center for Basque Studies is very proud of all her achievements!
On November 17, 2012 Joseba Zulaika presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, held in San Francisco, entitled “Drones versus Suicide Bombers: The Fantasies of U.S. Counterterrorism” at the Symposium “New Forms of State Terror.”
On October 11th, 2012 Joseba Zulaika participated in the 1st International Congress on Art, Memory and Democracy (From Picasso's Guernica to the Present Day) in Bilbao. Joseba Zulaika's presentation was entitled "Guernica and the Minotaur: Between Picasso and Bilbao-Guggenheim."
Zoe Bray is currently showing a collection of portraits in the town hall of Saint Jean Pied de Port / Donibane Garazi, French Basque Country, until mid November 2012. For more information click here.
On Monday, October 1, Joseba Zulaika participated with Joan Ramon Resina in a round table discussion at the New York University's King Juan Carlos Center entitled "Gernika, Revisited." Professor Zulaika published a tri-lingual book entitled "Traditions" in the Etxepare Institute's Basque Culture Series.
Joseba Zulaika gave a keynote lecture entitled “Drones and Fantasy in Counterterrorism” at the conference on “Terrorism and the Literary Imagination”, held at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.
Fall Courses

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Violence and Communication

The Center for Basque Studies is proud to announce the publication of Violence and Communication, the eighth volume in our Current Research Series in conjunction with the University of the Basque Country. In Violence and Communication both the generic and particular aspects of expression and representation of violence are explored. This expression and its consequences are explored in diverse global historical examples of violent events, thematic issues, as well as terrorist violence in the Basque Country. This book examines the representation of these different forms of violence in both the visual media (film, television, and photography) and the printed word (newspapers, literature, and so on). In short, Violence and Communication attempts to visualize what have been often invisible forms of violence, as well as critically analyze the multiple ways that violence is represented and communicated. For more information on this book, click here.
Ott Lectures at Society for French Historical Studies

Sandy Ott took part in the annual conference of the Society for French Historical Studies (SFHS) in Los Angeles from March 22–24, 2012,. The University of Southern California hosted the event, which brought nearly 300 scholars of France together for two days of presentations and round table discussions. Sandy organized the round table panel on postwar France, entitled “Ownerless Art, Looted Books, Lost Homes, Visions of Gender, and What Made the News in Liberated France.” Her own presentation focused on “Scandals, Tensions, and Courtroom Drama: What Made the Press in the Pyrenean Borderlands, 1944–1947.” She talked about (among other things) the high rate of abortion on the Basque coast in 1944, Churchill’s summer holiday in a Basque villa near Donibane Lohitzun in June 1945, and how the press handled the trials of suspected collaborators in the postwar years.
Bray Covered in Magazine Enbata

On March 1, Zoe Bray was featured in the French Basque weekly magazine Enbata with her article “Art and Identity”, in which she talks about the different perceptions and expectations of 'Basque art' for Basque people from the Old and New Worlds.

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