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urazandiThe Urazandi Project is a collection of the histories of the most important Basque Clubs, based on first hand memories of those that emigrated. The project started in 1999 and most of the volumes were completed and published in June, 2003. 

The San Francisco Basque Cultural Center commissioned the work  to complete the Urazandi volume for San Francisco, and it was managed by an Urazandi Committee made up of representatives of the San Francisco Basque Club, the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center, the Basque Educational Organization and the Anaitasuna Basque Club. 

The manuscript has been written by Dr. Pedro Oiarzabal of the University of Nevada, Reno's Oral History Program. The volume has been published by the Basque Government in spring of 2009. The second edition was published by the Center for Basque Studies and is available to the BCC members and the general public. 

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